Monday, March 19, 2007

Wrapping up the first weekend of March Madness...

So my big huge family does a pool for March Madness because a) they'll bet on anything and b) they're major sports fans. So I usually just dash off a bracket and hope for...not the worst. I'm not a big basketball fan. I like the sound of sports, though, so I'll put it on sometimes if nothing else is on. And I usually watch Maryland games. My grandmother is the biggest basketball (and sports in general) fan I know. We all know to not even call her during a Maryland game (or at least call with caution or to purposely tease her). It's like calling me during a Notre Dame football game. It better be good. That's where my sports fandom comes from, I think.

So I go to fill out my bracket this year and decide to take a new tack. I will only select teams I don't hate in football (mainly these are Notre Dame grudges). So that means no USC, no Michigan State, no Boston College. Yeah, I didn't do so hot. I think all of my football grudges won. And any upset I took didn't upset. That's what I get for applying football rules to basketball. I think next year I need to revert to teams with pretty colors.

And can I just go on record right here as noting that if college football had brackets like this? OH. MY. GOD. I would have so freaking much fun. Incorporate the joy that is Bowl Season with the joy that is Bracketology. I don't think it could get much better. Unless Notre Dame won it. Then? Sheer bliss.

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