Friday, March 23, 2007

The Anti-Craft Craftster

I do a lot of hobbies that would be considered by some to be - and there's just no other word for it - crafty. That word makes me cringe. I'm NOT crafty. I just like to knit. And crochet. And sew. And make stuff. That does not make me...crafty. Ugh. I think it's because of years spent with my mother attending craft shows have burned into my mind that crafts=country. And I'm SOOOO not country. I'm retro, I'm modern, I'm classic, but I am NOT country. Which is why I don't do much knitting (etc.) for the house. It almost always reads as country. Even a crocheted afghan has to work hard not to be hokey and country. The only stuff I would (ugh) craft for the house would be retro kitschy - you know, aware that it's hokey.

I suppose I should say that I mean no offense to fans of the country look. It's just not for me. At all. I doubt my retro-vintage-modern eclectic look would suit you either. Different strokes and all that. That's fine. So why do I still have to stop myself from screaming "I'm NOT crafty!" whenever I hear someone tell me I am? Too many years spent at those craft shows, I guess. I recently went to one with my mother-in-law and nothing has changed in all the years since my mom stopped selling at them.

I hereby resolve to work on my preconceived notions of crafty. I will endeavor to find the good in being a craftster. So help me, DIY Network.

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  1. Ok.. this made me chuckle!! LOL LOL.. I LOVE the country look it's my whole house.. however I tend to "craft" more modern things.. LOL LOL LOL... I'd LOVE to see what you make.. can you share pics?? I would call yourself more of a designer than a crafty person!! People call me "crafty" all the time and tell me I should run a business... sounds easier than I know the venture would be.. but like You I don't want to be called a crafter either... cause it goes beyond that.. completely understand!!! Keep up the good work... I don't watch Idol.. otherwise I would comment there too.. :(