Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Daily…

Another idea inspired by Pinterest (seriously – can I get kickbacks for blogging about nothing else this month?) is the December Daily. I mean, I know it didn’t originate on Pinterest. But that’s how it came into my awareness. I’m in serious need of some mojo rejuvenation. I’ve been going weeks without picking up my camera or digiscrapping. I’ve been in a bit of a funk. So I think doing something like a December Daily (and I’m contemplating a Project 365 – a picture a day for a year) is just what I need to kickstart my creative juices.

My plan is to do this in 8.5x11 format, not my usual scrapping format (I much prefer squares in general, but the wide open spaces of 12x12 in particular), but it will be easy to print my digital pages (I thought about going old-skool and breaking out the papers, but…nah) at home and actually have a finished book in my hands on January 1 (or let’s be realistic – sometime in Janurary/Febrary-ish).

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pinterest Success (or not) – Week of 11/28

I’m trying to actually make/do some of the cool things I see on Pinterest rather than just admire and pin them. In the past week, these have been my attempts.

Origami Turkey

Not. Of course, at least half of this is on me since I thought brown construction paper would be fine for this. It was not. It was too heavy to be realistic, or even semi-realistic.

Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

Success. At least, according to the hubby. I don’t like the crap. But he wanted something different to be added to the (considerable) dessert table at my grandmother’s house.

Paper Plate Lion

Success. This was our Girl Scout craft this week. We read a story in our books about how all the flowers and birds got their colors. I knew my girls like wild and crazy colors, so I let them color their lions whatever color(s) they liked, but they had to make up a story to explain why they were that color. It worked really well – easy enough for five and six year olds and didn’t take up too much time like most of my craft projects – and the girls came up with lots of fun colors/stories.

Other things I’ve pinned, but haven’t tried yet:

Clone of a Cinnabon

Fabric Trivet

Air-Dried Porcelain

Chili's Copycat Salsa

Refrigerator Cookies

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pinterest Success (or not)…

I’m one of those Pinterest fans. It’s my new go-to site for baking inspiration, mainly, although I like to browse craft projects and organizing too. Sometimes I even get so inspired that I {gasp} actually do something inspired by a pin.

So what pins have made me get up off my behind and do something?

I tried the water and vinegar in the microwave. Supposedly it will steam up and all you have to do is wipe your microwave clean. Notice I said supposedly. It didn’t work for me. I think I may have used a dish with sides that were too high – the steam couldn’t escape and loosen the spills all over. It did work just above my dish, so I can see where this MIGHT be successful.

Felt Flowers

I love it when I have all the supplies for a craft project on hand. I made these flowers a few hours before a photo shoot for my cousin. They took about ten minutes each (and probably would have taken less time if I hadn’t had to conserve my last hot glue stick). The headband is just a crocheted chain stitch.


Marshmallow Catapults

Not made by me, actually. I took this one to Cub Scouts for the Webelos Engineer activity badge. The boys loved it. Their moms might not have been as thrilled to be taking home a marshmallow catapult.

Those are three of my non-food Pinterest projects. I’ll be back with a rundown of my food projects, cause there’s a lot more of them.