Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So I finally got around to Grey's...

and I don't know why this show is so compelling. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm completely captivated by it, but I don't exactly know why. DH asked me why Desperate Housewives (which neither one of us watch) was so popular. I told him it was just a new generation's Dynasty - a total guilty pleasure, mindless escape type of thing. I think that's what Grey's has too. Not much suspense or mystery other than the emotional, just an hour spent in the lives of people in whom we can see a part of ourselves on some level. I have no problem at all with mindless television. Life's hard enough, television should be entertainment. I love a nice documentary and more often than not an educational type channel is on our tv, but when it's 10pm and my brain is fried? I want easy.

So about the show. Interesting with the flashbacks (from someone who watched the first two or three episodes and then picked it up again this past summer with the last few). I don't know how Derek got over Addison's affair enough to even try again. The most emotional moment of the entire episode was Cristina breaking down with Burke at the end. Wow. The whole Meredith has a choice thing doesn't really grab me. Seems like she's already decided, right? Time to flip a coin, my solution to everything. Either way, the coin will tell you the answer your heart knows. If you say A is heads and B is tails and it comes up heads and you're happy, you probably wanted A all along. But if it comes up heads and you say "best two out of three", you probably wanted B. (edited because I just saw a preview where Meredith says she's going to flip a coin - maybe I'm psychic...or maybe I'd already seen it when I wrote this.)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thursday Night's TV...

Okay, so I didn't watch Earl last night. I was giving the kids a bath and just let the DVR catch it. We'll probably watch it tonight. And I'm planning to watch Grey's (yes, I recorded Grey's and watched CSI) this afternoon during naptime.

CSI: Okay, where do I start? Cirque storyline = BORING. Apparent suicide featuring Judge Amy Gray's brother (or was he the cousin?) = BORING. No mention of Gil and Sara getting it on, although the little flirty things were a little hint - appropriate given both of their personalities. They don't seem the PDA type. The starting new cases midshow was a little confusing, especially since you couldn't tell what was going on with whom. I know that was intentional and it also worked. I'm very curious about next week.

*SIDE QUESTION* What is with all these musicians selling themselves to television? John Mayer on CSI. Sugarland was on Las Vegas last week (really the season finale, but I missed it the first time). Is some group going to get hurt in Chicago and give an impromptu concert in the ER waiting room? I see it all the time lately. Is it just a way of reaching another audience? What started this phenomenon? I know they used to do it on Charmed all the time. And American Idol's appeal probably hasn't hurt any.

ER: I haven't totally digested everything from this episode yet. Hmmm...Sam and her ex. I started off thinking "Now, she didn't really need to do that, did she?" But then I thought some more and realized that yes she did. If Steve wasn't dead he would come back for her and/or Alex over and over. Okay, Abby and Luka. This is what I'm mainly still mulling over. I mean, good everyone's alive still. Lots of emotional baggage to deal with though. Jerry - poor Jerry. Barely survives being shot in the ER and then still has to deal with his mama. Neela - okay, I saw her with John Stamos in the previews, but I'm still rooting for Ray.

Friday night's TV: Who watches tv on a Friday night? Only people with no lives. Yeah, that'd be me. Tom is usually exhausted from getting up at the crack of dawn all week and just crashes on Friday nights, so it's just me and the tv. Either I'll watch Las Vegas or the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Haven't decided yet.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

One more thing about the football game...

Okay, a few more things. One: How cool to be at an actual college football game? It was so exciting, even if it was a sloppy game (fumble much, people?)

Two: Guess where MamaChris will be on October 28. Just guess. The absolute freaking highlight of my year. Maybe my life. Forget turning 30, going to the Caribbean or anything else 2006 has brought. This tops it all. MamaChris and her brother are going to ...... Notre Dame v. Navy. Oh, MY GOD!!! I'm so freaking excited I can't stand it.

Three: My sister and I were walking amongst the Midshipmen in all their adorable white uniforms and my sis says "Ooh, look at all the cute guys." Me: "Are you looking at anything other than their uniforms?" Sis: "No." Me: "Look at their faces. They're BABIES." Seriously, they looked so young. I've never felt so thirty. Take me back to the alum section (not that we are, just where my dad's season tickets are).

About being thirty...

Something I've noticed lately - I'm constantly checking out how old people are and comparing where I am in my life to theirs. And I'm talking completely unrealistic comparisons. My sister and I went to a Navy football game a few weeks ago and they had a graduate who was on the Discovery in July. She graduated in 1993. I said, "Uh, oh, I graduated in 94 - I only have one year to get into space." My sister just laughed at me. Then I realized that was college. Well, I graduated from college in 1998. So I have five years to get into space. Yes, that's much more realistic.

Why this comparison? I'm pretty happy with where my life is. I mean, I'm not changing the world, although I may be raising someone who will. I'm not really contributing at all on any grand scale. I'm raising three children as best I can. And I don't want to be doing anything else. But part of me sees that Rachael Ray is only eight years older than me and I can't help but think that I won't have a talk show in eight years - nor a dozen Food Network shows. I don't want a talk show - I'm really not good at small talk and I don't want to have to be in a good mood every day. How much would that suck?

Tom did this same thing two years ago when he turned thirty. I think it's just a way of rethinking how old you are. Like previously anyone who was remotely successful was eons older than me (even if they weren't) and now I'm looking at things differently. So I think my brain is just trying to figure out how old I am.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday Night TV...

Bones: These serial killer episodes creep me out. But the talk at the end with the emotional bonding was good. The developing friendship/will they won't they thing between the two of them is excellent chemistry, casting and just plain good tv. I know they'll draw out the tension between Booth and Bones for as long as possible, but well, I'd like to see someone get David Boreanaz.

Good Eats: Peachy Keen was the title of this episode. I'm very say to say that I just wasn't into it. I think I might be on Alton overload (although since I have a bit of a crush on him too, not really a bad thing). I still enjoyed it, found it very interesting, but some of the zing didn't seem to be there. Or the super duper Tylenol Severe Cold I'm on and pretty much had to sign away my firstborn to get is fogging my brain. Maybe I should watch it after my cold clears.

A preview of MamaChris's planned TV tonight: Oh, man, the DVR is going to be going full blast tonight, isn't it? We'll start with a helping of Earl, because it's just plain funny (seriously, the dearth of comedic entertainment on television today is just depressing - so we need Earl). Then CSI or Grey's Anatomy (another one of my summer conversions, like House). I will probably record Grey's because Tom isn't into medical dramas, but loves to be grossed out by CSI. I don't get it either. Then over to County General for some ER cliffhanger resolution.

Tuesday Night TV...

In honor of premiere week, I'm going to review my daily television watching. Last night, okay, I didn't really like anything that premiered last night. I watched House - which I started watching only this past summer and am now officially hooked on. It was an interesting episode - glad to see it didn't go the way I expected with Cameron getting sick from being in the guy's office (wasn't that how Foreman almost died last season?). I actually agreed with House last night - I don't disagree with euthanasia on principal - after all if it's humane to put our suffering animals out of their misery, why can't we do the same for people?, but until they figured out if this man was dying, it was just not good.

The other thing I watched last night was the Animal Planet memorial for Steve Irwin. I haven't been overly emotional about his death. I'm sad for his family, naturally, and regretful that anyone should die so young, especially someone as vibrant as Steve Irwin was. But last night? I couldn't hold it in. When his daughter spoke, full of her father's passion and poise at such a young age, I was just sobbing. What a wonderful legacy the man has left behind.

In store for Wednesday, Bones (got to have my David Boreanaz fix) and a new episode of Good Eats.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Monday night television...

And no, it doesn't involve football, for MamaChris's love of football doesn't extend to the pros. Don't ask me why because I don't really know - maybe it's the outrageous salaries or the willy-nilly trading of players to meet ridiculously high salary caps or the almost mechanic perfection they seem to play with. Or maybe it's something a little more frivolous like the colors of the uniforms or the blinding astroturf they play on. I don't know. I think it's mainly the eagerness with which college players seem to play - so much less jaded than their professional counterparts. Not to mention I love a quarterback who'll run the option and that just don't happen in the pros.

Anyway, so what was I watching? I tried out The Class. A guy gets his third grade class back together? How random is that? I don't think I could name a single member of my third grade class (we did move the next year, but still...) Just awkward all around. I'm going to have to pass on that. But I seem to not like CBS comedies in general. I did, however, watch How I Met Your Mother for the first time ever (which was maybe not the best idea, since I didn't see any of the background that this episode was based on). It's cute. I could like it. If I could remember to watch it. The evening's main attraction was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I came into this with pretty low expectations, honestly. I hated the West Wing, I'm excited for Tina Fey's comedic show about a similar show, I dislike Hollywood portraying Hollywood (I also dislike fictional books about writers, just a little quirk I have). I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The show drew me in with Judd Hirsch's character's monologue and never let go. A very quick hour. I think I'll tune in again next week. It's not like there's anything else on.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Deal or No Deal...

So in principal, I dislike this show. I hate "reality" tv. I hate shows where people are put under intense pressure. I hate the smack talk they all feel they have to do. And yet...I can't turn away from it. I can't even figure out why. I know at least one reason some people watch the show must be the case girls, but is that enough to watch for an entire hour - or two? Do we just like to see people get money? Is it the idea that it could happen to us too?

Part of me is watching it to figure out if it's rigged. Sometimes it seems like it must be - or at least each girl must know what her case is. But I did see one contestant turn down their offer and end up with $5. Make me stop watching this! Okay, there's nothing else on and I'm a tv addict. I just figured out why this show is so popular. There's crap else on tv when it's on. Same way people got hooked on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, American Idol, and Survivor. Not a bad tactic, actually.

Thinking of going Mac...

I can't believe I just typed that. What is this world coming to? Actually, I'm not that PC. I started my master's degree in graphic design and had no choice but to adjust to Macs in the school's computer lab. I'm pretty quick with computer programs - they just make sense to me. So switching isn't a concern in that regard. And I do lots of artsy computer-y stuff that traditionally goes with a Mac - namely, Photoshop. But I've always argued that the mindset that arts go with Mac is passé and now the PC versions of those programs are equally workable. And plus, you can get just about any program you want at any old store for a PC. Not so with a Mac, although I think this is changing too.

My main concern is that I know Windows inside and out. If my computer has a problem, I can fix it. It may take a day or two, but I get it fixed. Will I be able to do that with a Mac? Or can I believe the hype that I won't need to? I'm feeling the temptation of iLife and all the cool bundled photo software.

But why am I worrying about this anyway? My next computer is at least a year away, probably more like two, considering this one just celebrated its six-month birthday. I like to worry ahead like that. Then when the time to make the decision comes, I'll have the worrying done already and can make a seemingly snap decision.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Any given Saturday...

There are few things in this life that I'm truly passionate about. I'm pretty laid back, easy going. Not a whole lot angers me or gets me totally irrational. Cars cut me off, well, I don't get why they think their destination is more important than anyone else's, but I don't get all road rage on them. I'm mainly patient with my kids, even when MissG decides she needs to go potty just as I've gotten everyone buckled into the car. I just sigh and deal with it. No big deal.

But you know what gets me going? Football. Which is funny in itself. I'm kind of a girly girl. I like pink. I keep my toenails painted, even in the winter. I bake, I knit, I sew. I do the girl things minus the high-maintenance stuff. And I love football, especially Notre Dame football. I mean seriously. You want to get me going? Ask me about how underrated the Irish are (and yes, I know they got their asses kicked by Michigan, but 12th? Come on.). Ask me how many calls go against them just because they're Notre Dame. Want to know where I am any given Saturday? Check the TV schedule because my day will have been arranged around the Notre Dame game. I pin my hopes on them every year, not really for a national championship because until the BCS gets their heads out of their asses and fixes that abysmal system that no one understands or agrees with, I don't see it happening. No, I count on them for good football. Because it doesn't matter who they play - it's a good game. Although I must admit this past Saturday's game was mainly just good for Michigan fans (which I am SO not).

You know the really ironic thing about all that? My husband doesn't even like football. Yep, he's a football widower every fall and hates it just as much as the wives whose husbands are glued to the game.

Monday, September 11, 2006


 Five years later and still I cannot comprehend the scope of what happened in New York, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. My family and I went to New York in December of 2001, the closest I ever came to understanding the magnitude of the events of that day. Pieces of the twin towers still stood, eerie reminders of our nation's devastation just three months earlier.

I didn't lose anyone close to me. My parents' neighbor and the father of my brother's friend was killed in one of the towers. But I still cry every year on this day. I still cry every time I hear Five for Fighting's "Superman (it's not easy)" - or is that the other way around? That song became embedded in my heart as the anthem for 9/11. I still cry every single day that I look up in the sky and see a beautiful clear blue sky - one of my strongest memories of 9/11. The sky was the purest shade of blue, not a cloud to be seen.

I just needed to remember today. I couldn't turn away from the coverage five years ago, but this morning I had to. I have a five year old who can understand death and destruction and I'd rather that he didn't just yet. He was four months old then and I didn't have to explain anything. I could take all the time I needed to wrap my brain around it. Five years later and I haven't quite gotten there yet.

I'm curious to learn how schools and history books will see this. It rather boggles my mind what significant history that really was. Honestly, I think it was the first truly important piece of history that I witnessed. I know lots of history has occurred in the past thirty years, but 9/11 is something unique. Like JFK's assasination to my parents's generation - "Where were you when...?" Prior to this, the best my generation could do was the Challenger (I still gasp every time I see footage of it).

Anyway...I remember. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Good knitting news and bad knitting news...

 The good news is I KNIT A SWEATER!!!!!! Granted, it's a baby sweater and it's rather flawed, but I finished it. And it looks like a sweater.

The bad news that my child has a gigantic head. I knit the sweater according to 2 year old instructions. It won't fit over the head of my 14 month old. And not because I did something majorly wrong. I did bind off somewhat more tightly than I should have, but I went back and redid and it still won't fit over her great big giant head. Nothing to worry about - I've never been able to wear hats because women's hats aren't made big enough for my own great big giant head. And Tom has a big head, as have our other two offspring. We're a big-headed family.

So I undid the crew neck of my sweater. What you see above is it undone. I might go back and crochet a finished edge. Or just make her a cardigan. Posted by Picasa