Thursday, March 29, 2007

To Miss G, on her fourth birthday...

You came into this world in a most unusual way. Well, I mean, technically, it was just the normal way, but the cast on my left leg made it unique. I think I was a first for both my OB and my orthopedic surgeon. 34 weeks pregnant with a broken ankle. Delivered at 41 weeks (you just have do things at your own pace, don't you?) with cast still on.

Four years later, and you still do things your own way. You pick out your own clothes (dresses and skirts only - princesses don't wear pants), you make your own lunch, you get things done. If you want to. You have ambition. You have drive. Even if it's just to spread your own peanut butter. One day that drive will serve you well.

You started preschool this past fall and let me tell you, they love you there. You are thriving in the school environment when I worried you wouldn't like it because you can't do your own thing. Turns out the independence they teach is right up your alley.

I hate to confess this, but of my three children, for some reason you have always tried my patience the most. I don't know if it's our similar independent streaks or that you're so much like my sister (with whom I get along - now that we don't live together) or why exactly it is you test me. I often feel like I have failed. I hate that.

Your moods are changeable. Crying and angry one minute, laughing and happy the next. No exaggeration - it happens that fast. Sometimes I don't know what to do with you and your moods - usually I just wait you out, since I know the stormy moods don't last long. Or I ask you do something grown-up because anything that appeals to your sense of independence is good, right?

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

A sock grows...and my newly diagnosed problem...

I like to call it "Too Many Works in Progress"-itis. I'm working on the socks mentioned in the title of this post. And so rather than just plug on and finish that, last night I decided to cast on for a burp cloth for my cousin's baby. And is if that weren't enough, I just this morning cast on for the purse I need to make for my young cousin's birthday (my oldest cousin on my mom's side is 29 and the youngest one is 4 - only a few weeks younger than my middle DD - whose birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday, Miss G). And sometime before I finish any of these projects, I'll probably cast on for an evening clutch I want to make myself. Oh, and another pair of socks for a knitalong.

The good thing? Stash-busting. Yay, me.

As for the sock, I'm knitting my very first ever pair of socks. It's so much easier than I thought it would be. Here's some pictures of the first one. It is actually finished, but now I have come to the inherent problem in knitting socks. You have to make a second one.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Idol Week 3: And then there were ten...

A whole show about Gwen Stefani's favorite songs? Weird. I mean, kind of a random thing, no? I think I'll submit my iPod playlist for next week's show.

LaKisha - Let's Dance. To be honest, this is kind of boring. Yeah, she's definitely among the top singers, but the song is boring and even her something extra she brings didn't enliven it for me. Donna Summers? Was Gwen Stefani's list made from a random playlist generator?

Chris Sligh - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. He sounds quite a bit like Sting. I wasn't sure at the start, but I think this is a good song for him. We know it, he sings it well. Goooo, Chris. Isn't Paula cute with her constructive criticism while she was rocking out during the song? Kind of makes it hard to actually listen to her.

Gina - I'll Stand by You. Is that the name of this song? Wow. This is the best she's sounded, voice wise in weeks. I will say that the outfit is just bizarre. She's overplaying the rock thing, but I think it makes sense, career-wise, for her to do this. She's not going to win (I think we can all agree on this - just not enough people like the rocker thing), but by sticking with a strong style, she's already working a post-Idol career.

Sanjaya - Bathwater. I'm sorry. I just can't stop laughing. Why? Why? Why? I have nothing else to say.

Haley - True Colors. I don't know. It's not bad. It's not very interesting, but it's not bad.

Phil - Every Breath You Take. I haven't liked Phil this much for a while, like since the first week with the just the guys. And they covered up his creepy head. Very nice.

Melinda - Heaven Knows. Was Gwen Stefani really so influenced by disco? Interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I mean, excellent singing, obviously. But, well, maybe I don't like the song, but I didn't love it.

Blake - Lovesong. Hmm, I haven't really seen his appeal before tonight. He's kind of hot. And he really can sing when he isn't distracting us with the beatbox boy thing.

Jordin - Hey, Baby. Really? Okay. It's not horrible. I think there was probably a better "fun" song choice out there, but it was cute. It seemed a little weak in the beginning, but it was okay overall.

Chris R - Don't Speak. I just don't like him. And I don't like his voice either - you know, something about the quality of his voice, not how well he sings or not.

So for a fun little fact, it IS possible to watch 60+ minutes of American Idol in less than 30 minutes. I started watching it at 9 on my DVR because I thought it was over and caught up to the end. I missed all the Gwen Stefani chats, but that stuff drives me crazy anyway.

I think I'll rank them tonight:
Melinda/Blake (tie)
LaKisha/Jordin (tie)
Chris Sligh
Chris R/Haley (tie)

I'm thinking it's Haley's time to go. Boring gets em every time. Although I wouldn't discount the curse of the fauxhawk (see also: Nadia Turner).

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Anti-Craft Craftster

I do a lot of hobbies that would be considered by some to be - and there's just no other word for it - crafty. That word makes me cringe. I'm NOT crafty. I just like to knit. And crochet. And sew. And make stuff. That does not make me...crafty. Ugh. I think it's because of years spent with my mother attending craft shows have burned into my mind that crafts=country. And I'm SOOOO not country. I'm retro, I'm modern, I'm classic, but I am NOT country. Which is why I don't do much knitting (etc.) for the house. It almost always reads as country. Even a crocheted afghan has to work hard not to be hokey and country. The only stuff I would (ugh) craft for the house would be retro kitschy - you know, aware that it's hokey.

I suppose I should say that I mean no offense to fans of the country look. It's just not for me. At all. I doubt my retro-vintage-modern eclectic look would suit you either. Different strokes and all that. That's fine. So why do I still have to stop myself from screaming "I'm NOT crafty!" whenever I hear someone tell me I am? Too many years spent at those craft shows, I guess. I recently went to one with my mother-in-law and nothing has changed in all the years since my mom stopped selling at them.

I hereby resolve to work on my preconceived notions of crafty. I will endeavor to find the good in being a craftster. So help me, DIY Network.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

idol meets iTunes...

I'm cruising iTunes, as I do every now and then, looking for new music and as always I check the top 100 downloads. In the top fifty are three songs by previous contestants (two by Daughtry) and one song from Tuesday's episode. As much as I like older music, I'm pretty sure the Zombies wouldn't have made the top 50 downloads without American Idol. And I have to say that while I have some issues with American Idol in general, despite being totally hooked on the show, I do like that it's bringing some true classics back and hopefully encouraging a new generation to at least appreciate music from the 60s (and ideally before and after as well).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Idoling a bit late this week...

Tom was home early last night, so I watched American Idol, but didn't blog it. I thought he might enjoy the theme - 60s British Invasion. I was partly right. He liked, well, one song. These are probably out of order because I'm trying to do it from memory.

Haley - Tell Him. Very cutesy. I'm considering betting on Simon's response - cruise ship, theme park, etc. No? Really? They liked it? I mean, it wasn't bad, but it was a tad boring, despite her perky performance. I think group psychology is coming into play here. They blasted her last week and I bet a lot of people responded by voting for her (I tried, but it was always busy, such is the case every time I've ever attempted to vote)

Chris R. - Dude, that was so boring. I mean, yeah, the acoustic thing was cool. And yeah, you're cute in that way that my sister likes, but does not in any way appeal to me. But you're totally wearing blue eyeshadow and that freaks me out. How does Simon not know this song? Oh, Tom doesn't know it either. So why do I know it, then? Must go back to my oldies station phase from high school.

Blake - A vaguely modern take that is basically the exact song from the 60s with some electronic sounds over it. And the judges love it. Because it's not really risky at all. I don't mind it, but I really liked what he did last week, so I guess I'm not qualified to judge. Tom claims that this is just a copycat of a cover that's already been done. He does know his British music, so he's probably right.

Stephanie - Love Me. I like this song. But she's not singing her best tonight. And the glam dress with the kick ass boots? Weird. I think she's in danger. And the judges agree. That ought to get the voting going.

Phil - Oh, dear. I don't know if it's the song, the arrangement, or just him, but this is awful. I'm fastforwarding through it, it's so bad. I pick him to leave tonight now.

LaKisha - Diamonds Are Forever. This is the song Tom liked. Again, I think the judges harshing on her was a calculated psychological ploy. In past years, voters have not always responded well to the judges drooling over their anointed one week after week.

Sanjaya - Well, his hair's better this week. That's something. And he's not really trying to sing as well as the rest of them, so that's another something. Is that girl crying? For real? Oh, so that's who's voting for him. I get it now. Actually not his worst performance, though his singing was horrific. The judges praise in what must be another calculated ploy, right?

Jordin - Wow. She's really coming into her own. She sang this so beautifully and she looks amazing. But seriously, what a horrible song, lyrics-wise.

Chris Sligh - What's with the starting in the audience? He just looks like he got lost. Tom likes this song, if not Chris Sligh singing it.

Gina - Love the hair. Love the outfit, the song, the set. Even love her performance, but the singing? Man. It's rough in spots and she mumbles or moves the microphone so we can't hear her sometimes. But I give her points for being different, if what they've declared her to be.

Melinda - A song from Oliver? I think that's stretching the definition of British Invasion just a tad. And this is so freaking boring. Not even Melinda is making it unboring, despite what the judges are trying to tell her.

So the best of the night for me - LaKisha or Jordin.

Worst of the night: Stephanie, Phil, with Phil being my prediction for who's going home.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wrapping up the first weekend of March Madness...

So my big huge family does a pool for March Madness because a) they'll bet on anything and b) they're major sports fans. So I usually just dash off a bracket and hope for...not the worst. I'm not a big basketball fan. I like the sound of sports, though, so I'll put it on sometimes if nothing else is on. And I usually watch Maryland games. My grandmother is the biggest basketball (and sports in general) fan I know. We all know to not even call her during a Maryland game (or at least call with caution or to purposely tease her). It's like calling me during a Notre Dame football game. It better be good. That's where my sports fandom comes from, I think.

So I go to fill out my bracket this year and decide to take a new tack. I will only select teams I don't hate in football (mainly these are Notre Dame grudges). So that means no USC, no Michigan State, no Boston College. Yeah, I didn't do so hot. I think all of my football grudges won. And any upset I took didn't upset. That's what I get for applying football rules to basketball. I think next year I need to revert to teams with pretty colors.

And can I just go on record right here as noting that if college football had brackets like this? OH. MY. GOD. I would have so freaking much fun. Incorporate the joy that is Bowl Season with the joy that is Bracketology. I don't think it could get much better. Unless Notre Dame won it. Then? Sheer bliss.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The best of intentions...

I made a plan in my head of something I wanted to do today, something I felt was really important. But life sort of stepped in and took charge, so now my plan has to be revised. I suppose it's not really that big a deal. I mean, it's not like I left anyone waiting on me or flaked out in all the other ways I can sometimes. I wanted to visit my aunt's grave today. It's the five year anniversary of her death. But I didn't want to take the kids with me and I'm home alone with them all day. So I'm left with a blog post in my aunt's memory instead.

I carry around with me the memory of someone in my family who was a lot like me, not always easy to find, despite the vast numbers. I saw someone I admired, someone who didn't let fear or excuses get in the way of doing things. My middle child, who was born a little over a year after her death - is named for her. I still miss her all the time. And when I think of her, I resolve to do the things I want to do - today.

As I do every year this time, I think of the last time I saw my aunt before she was diagnosed. I picture her impish grin as she suggested we break into the cookies before the meal was served at the party we were at. A very important lesson my aunt Mary taught me - eat dessert first.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Final Twelve Idol Results

I took the first half of the show to do the dishes and straighten up the kitchen, because I can't stand those group sings.

So the bottom three are Brandon (no shocker there), Phil (hmm, not expected) and oh, no. It's Haley not Sanjaya, isn't it? She's last. Or will the two of them stand up for the which one will it be?

Thankfully, Sanjaya is at least the bottom three. I think, like me, a lot of people felt bad for how badly Haley felt.

And the one going home is...not Sanjaya? What? Brandon? Okay, then. It becomes more apparent every week that boring is a far more grievous offense than god-awful. And I may be just a little bit mean-sprited, but it IS more interesting to see how poor Sanjaya is going to screw up this week than snooze through everyone else.

A little rambling before Idol

Comfort in my clutter
It's spring(ish) here today. Like fabulously 70 degrees and sunshiney. So I started the spring cleaning in the basement, where we tend to stash our clutter and leave it since it's too cold to spend much time down there in the winter. Cleaned out trash, old junk mail, just stuff I should have taken care of at the time, but didn't. And just a few minutes ago I went down to switch the laundry over and felt a little...unsettled at how clean it was. Could there be comfort in my clutter? And why? Why am I so freaking weird that a nice clean laundry area made me antsy. In other rooms, I clean and declutter and it looks pretty. For a day. If that. Kids and husbands (okay, just the one husband) and, well, me, we mess it up. Because we live there and it just happens. But that basement doesn't see day to day use, so it could stay clean. Maybe I can't handle the pressure of that.

Idol songs surge on iTunes?
I was cruising iTunes for some new music today and noticed the Corinne Bailey Rae song that Antonella "sang" last week was in the top 100 downloads. I'm thinking of taking a survey and seeing if any of last night's songs shoot up the downloads list. I think I noticed it last week too, although I can't think of any songs from two weeks ago to cite a specific example.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Idol Tuesday night...

The gang's all together now, allowing us to more closely compare the boys and the girls. Poor boys. Ooh, and Diana Ross and the Supremes night? Kind of fun for me, but I'm retro that way.

Brandon - You Can't Hurry Love. Dude, you are not Diana Ross. Your hair is like two feet too small for that. I'm going to pull the "copycat" card here - sounding way too much like Diana. I mean he's not bad, but nor is he WOW. I don't know, maybe it's because he's first so I"m being harder on him. Oh, he did NOT just forget the words. He totally did. I don't know, man. I might come back and go easier on you if the show gets worse, or harder if need be.

Melinda - I can't wait to see what she does tonight. Home from the Wiz. Kind of a boring song, but she is so freaking terrific, it doesn't matter. I'm with Randy, not my favorite performance of hers, but still s...Paula? Honey? You okay? Sorry I got distracted. Still so captivating. And she seems so very sweet when they talk to her that I don't think we/America can help but fall for her.

Chris Sligh - Endless love. Dude, could you pick a cheesier Diana Ross song? But you do have the hair working. Just another foot wider or so and it's there. Did he wear glasses before? And his twist on Endless Love is almost taking the cheesy out of it - or at least making it 2007 cheesy. I love Randy and Paula telling someone how to be hip.

Gina - Love Child. Um, okay. Not sure this song translates to the new millenium, but whatever. A little more time practicing in the stilettos if you plan to strut on the stage, sweetie. She almost takes the Diana Ross out of this, making it seem like it was a rock song all along. Randy, if you don't want boring, uninspired song choices, don't force them to choose from the Diana Ross songbook. I can't find fault with her for that.

Sanjaya - Ain't No Mountain High Enough. OH. MY. GAWD. Who in the freaking hell told him he should go on stage like that? I can't stop laughing. Like he isn't already out of his league. Now he looks like...well, me in the 8th grade, before me and my curls came to terms. Did he send his sister up there in his place? And ends with forgetting the words. Oh, poor boy. Randy can't stop laughing at the hair either. Oh, he's laughing at how bad it is. Well, that's kind of harsh, dude. And there goes Paula with the non-music related compliments. I think I might have to vote for Poor Sanjaya just out of sympathy. Not. Seriously, why would anyone do that? If you had any sense of decency, you'd let the boy go home.

Haley - I know that flowy dress thing is in, but it just looks like a maternity dress. Missing You. I don't think kissing the microphone is a requirement for proper sound. Oh, that dress is horrible. Now that I see the whole thing, it looks like a flapper's maternity dress. Yeah, another boring one. At this point, I don't know if it's Haley or Diana Ross. Just in case, I'm going to make a note for next year - ix-nay on the Iana-Day. Okay, Paula, she's the third person tonight to forget the words and you didn't bust either one of them. Oh, man, I feel genuinely bad for her. And I don't even know if I should hope she goes home or gets a chance to redeem herself. She at least knew she screwed up.

Phil - The Anti-Diana, hairly speaking. I'm Going to Make You Love Me. Well, damn. He might just be the best since Melinda. Sadly, that doesn't say much for the evening.

LaKisha - God Bless the Child. Who sang this in a previous season? Was it Fantasia? No. I looked it up. Apparently it was Mikalah Gordon. In which case, have at it, Kiki. Her performance is a little weak at first - not vocally, just her actions were awkward. But she sure stepped it up. And Simon said it best. You've either got it or you haven't got it. She's got it. For sure.

Blake Lewis - well this should be good. Diana Ross meets the beatbox. You Keep Me Hanging On. Okay, so far we've only seen the modern dancing. But I kind of like the modern take on this. What happened to the beatboxing? Definitely nowhere near the bottom tonight. Dude, Randy, don't make them sing Diana and then tell them they have to sing it just like her, because we all know then they would just be a copycat, right? I had a theory working that the copycat line was only used for bad singers or poorly sung songs, but after tonight, I'm going to have to rework my theory.

Side note: So they've moved the Wedding Bells to Friday? They're trying to kill it already?

Stephanie - Love Hangover. I actually don't know this song. Here's maybe where I should confess I used to play the Supremes greatest hits almost everyday when I was in 9th grade or so. It was also when I listened to the light hits station, making my musical background just weird. Well, her dress is appropriately retro. She's good. Certainly. But for some reason she's just not that interesting. She is rather unfortunate to be in this competition with LaKisha and Melinda, to each of whom she is just a little too similar. Okay, I guess I don't know that song at ALL, because I have no idea what the judges are talking about.

Chris R. - The Boss? I don't have a clue what this song is. He's, well, he's not bouncing, so yay for that, right? And he is what he is. I don't mean that negatively, necessarily. He's a pop type. He does it pretty well. I don't really like that, but most of America seems to.

Who else is there? Oh, Jordin. Don't suppose it's particularly good that I couldn't remember her.

Jordin - If You Hold It Together. The Land Before Time? Dude, my kids LOVE that movie. Or do they watch the series? I don't know. Her hair looks so pretty tonight. I like this song choice for her.

Top three: Melinda, LaKisha, Jordin (in that order? I don't know. M&L are sort of tied)

The middle six are basically a big tie for me. Ah, what the heck. I'll try to rank them.
Chris Sligh
Chris R

Bottom three (worst to slightly less worse): Sanjaya, Haley, and I'm going to go with Brandon out of sheer boredom (seriously, that seems to be more offensive to Idol voters than horrible singing). I'm betting Haley's the one leaving, despite how bad poor Sanjaya was.

Friday, March 9, 2007

America, dude. What is up?

I was out last night, so I didn't get the full angst of the elimination show (thankfully). So I fastforwarded for the important parts. Jared? He's good. And cute. Kind of. Not right. But he was kind of boring and, well, America really doesn't like boring, as I've noted in previous weeks. And then Sabrina. Really? But she can sing too. Again with the anti-boring vote. It's like the Nascar vote in the 2000 election or soccer moms.

Next we have Antonella. Oh, come on. I wanted to pick on her some more. And Sundance? Don't you mean Sanjaya? No? Oh, dear. Well, I didn't like Sundance, myself, but poor Sanjaya just seems like he's miserable. Sundance came off (and I know this is at least partly due to how they edited his footage) as a jackass in the Hollywood rounds. And he really wasn't that good in the first and third weeks of voting.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

My latest knitting...





Check me out finishing projects. What a concept. So there's the felted bag pre-felting and post-felting. I admit that I cheated and made it smaller than the pattern wanted me to. I just got so antsy and if I didn't finish it then, I'd probably have put it aside and never picked it back up. My basement full of half-finished projects is a testament to this.

And there's the basic knitted cable from Stitch and Bitch Nation that I made for my husband. Sadly, his ginormous head prevents him from actually wearing it. Actually in our family of giant heads, it really only fits the baby. How sad are we? Mr. T is wearing it, but it doesn't really cover his ears. It's blue, so he decided it's for a boy, even though his favorite color is red (so's mine).
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Bring it, Idol Girls...

So school's were closed yesterday, so that means Tom was home, which means I can't watch AI without feeling apologetic. So I'm catching up today on the DVR (God bless it).

Jordin - Pat Benatar. I don't know. It's a little old for her, IMO. I mean, she's singing mainly well, except the screaming parts, which turn me off, but I think she could have picked a song in this vein without going this far over to rock.

Sabrina - Who does she remind me of? It's like Gloria Estefan and...someone. Really boring, despite how well she can sing. I don't know if it's enough. Boring song, boring performance. Kiss of death on Idol.

Antonella - America, what were you thinking? Why is this amateur still here? Next to everyone else still left (on the girls side) she seems very...dare I say it? High school talent show. I don't know that song either, doesn't help, but if it's well sung, I don't need to know the song. But, hey, let's keep her around because we'll need some early sacrifices once the voting gets down to one per week out of the final twelve.

Haley - Yeah, you're gone tonight, hon. She definitely reads a lot older than she is - the clothes, the song choices. This is actually one of her weakest performances yet. Is this Faith Hill? She's country's answer to Whitney and Celine. Not many people can sing like she does. Haley is not one of them. She might want to pack her bags, just in case.

Stephanie - Love that dress. The higher notes were rough for me, but it was one of the better performances of the night so far, not just one of her personal best. Paula, you're really baffling me with the constructive criticism all of a sudden, while you totally rocked out while she sang. Mixed messages.

LaKisha - Damn, girl. You look hot, you totally rocked Whitney. What else is there to say?

Gina - She might not be the best out and out singer, but Idol needs a rocker. I can't wait to see what she does in some of the theme weeks. And I love that this is really her style, not her trying to be what she thinks America wants to hear, like others tend to.

Melinda - Holy heck. Chills, dude. That was hot. I love how she just seems to get more confident each week. She's awesome and seems like such a nice person.

So bottom two: Haley and Antonella. Any arguments? Didn't think so. But I'm not sure that's who's going home. I'm going to say for sure Haley is, but I'm not so willing to place my money on Antonella hitting the highway. I'm thinking Sabrina or Stephanie might end up getting the short end of the stick tonight.

But man, the bar has been set high. I feel bad for the boys because when they join up with LaKisha and Melinda, it's going to be rough. I'm thinking one of them is going to go home earlier than deserved, though, in one of those shocking Chris Daughtry (and others, seems to be one every season who goes home before someone else who deserves to) moments.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another Tuesday night...

and I'm going to Idol.

Blake - 311. Loved this song back in my college days. He's not singing the singing parts great, but the beatboxing and all makes it cool. How the F-ING HELL do Randy and Paula not know this song? It may not have been like princess pop, but it got air play. Or am I dreaming? Did only people in my little college town like this song?

Sanjaya - John Mayer. Eh, I'm not a huge John Mayer fan. It's a boring song at it's best. And this was not it's best. And the straight hair is not working.

Sundance - Pearl Jam. Seriously, dude? What is this - A Very Alternative Idol? I did NOT like it. And not just because I don't like Sundance.

Dude, Travis Tritt. Awesome. I love him.

Chris R. - At least he's not bouncing this week. I don't know this song, which shows that I need to get back into country. It used to be my musical bread and butter, but these days I tend to pop-punk. It was okay. Not really for me, but I can see where younger girls would like it.

Jared - Seriously, why do I find this guy so freaking hot? Anyway, he rocks Stevie Wonder. Awesome. Paula seems to just be looking for a reason to nitpick at some of the better singers.

Brandon - Meh. Boring. I mean, interesting song choice, but a boring performance.

Phil - Yikes. I liked him so much the last two weeks, but this is kind of ... pitchy. Not as good.

Chris Sligh - didn't really know or like the song, but he just does it all so well.

SO who's leaving? Sanjaya. Please America. Sanjaya. And maybe...I really don't know. Brandon, Jared? NO idea.

Oh, and before Idol starts tonight...

allow me to wax nostalgic or whatever about last week's results. Nick's leaving. Yeah, whatever dude. Your "fever?" Decidedly not feverish. Alaina. Yeah, I thought the Dixie Chicks thing might not work out. Sorry, hon. And she's too emotional to make it through her swan song. No offense, sweetie, you're a beautiful girl and all, but did you hear Melinda? Or LaKisha? Or Stephanie? Or... yeah, you were going home sooner or later.

The second guy out came down to AJ and Sanjaya. And apparently all of America is a big softie and couldn't bear to be mean to Sanjaya. But seriously? At this point, it's a kindness to vote the poor boy off. Did you see the look on his face when he wasn't offed?

And the second girl to leave. Um, I can't actually remember. Not Antonella, in another shocking move by America. Oh, Leslie Hunt. See, I wrote that she was too forgettable and...she was. Too bad. I think she was interesting, which is more than I can say for the others who went before her.

I think I'm SAD...

You know, like Seasonal Affective Disorder or whatever the heck it's called. Last week it was so nice here and I felt the fog start to lift. This week it's back to freaking frigid cold (okay, probably not as cold as some places - seriously how do people stand to live north of, say, Pennsylvania?). And I'm back to feeling like a slug with a migraine. My head's in a fog, I eat everything in sight, especially if it has Dove anywhere on it, I don't want to work out. I just want to crawl back into bed. Ugh.

Hurry Spring.