Friday, March 9, 2007

America, dude. What is up?

I was out last night, so I didn't get the full angst of the elimination show (thankfully). So I fastforwarded for the important parts. Jared? He's good. And cute. Kind of. Not right. But he was kind of boring and, well, America really doesn't like boring, as I've noted in previous weeks. And then Sabrina. Really? But she can sing too. Again with the anti-boring vote. It's like the Nascar vote in the 2000 election or soccer moms.

Next we have Antonella. Oh, come on. I wanted to pick on her some more. And Sundance? Don't you mean Sanjaya? No? Oh, dear. Well, I didn't like Sundance, myself, but poor Sanjaya just seems like he's miserable. Sundance came off (and I know this is at least partly due to how they edited his footage) as a jackass in the Hollywood rounds. And he really wasn't that good in the first and third weeks of voting.

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