Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Final Twelve Idol Results

I took the first half of the show to do the dishes and straighten up the kitchen, because I can't stand those group sings.

So the bottom three are Brandon (no shocker there), Phil (hmm, not expected) and oh, no. It's Haley not Sanjaya, isn't it? She's last. Or will the two of them stand up for the which one will it be?

Thankfully, Sanjaya is at least the bottom three. I think, like me, a lot of people felt bad for how badly Haley felt.

And the one going home is...not Sanjaya? What? Brandon? Okay, then. It becomes more apparent every week that boring is a far more grievous offense than god-awful. And I may be just a little bit mean-sprited, but it IS more interesting to see how poor Sanjaya is going to screw up this week than snooze through everyone else.

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