Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Life Roundup: Week of July 15-21

We started the week off with a visit to our extended family, mainly to see my grandmother, who loves visits from the kids. However, it turned into a tie-dying party since my aunt had some extra shirts from a previous tie-dying event.

We spent Monday visiting again before we headed home.

Tuesday, Scarlett lost her first tooth! The tooth fairy brought her $5 – either because it was her first tooth or she was out of one dollars.


Wednesday was Karate night, Thursday an easy night at home. On Friday, Hubby and I went to the funeral of his friend’s father. It wasn’t the first funeral for one of our friends’ parents, but it was hard because it made me consider my own parents’ mortality. They’re young. My mom is 20 years younger than this man was, but anything can happen. So I spent the day sad for my friend and putting myself in his place and freaking out. Traffic ended up with us taking the longest route imaginable home.

Saturday was Scarlett’s birthday! She’d been hoping to lose that tooth on her birthday (we’ve heard rumors that there’s a bonus reward for lost birthday teeth), but no dice. All she wanted was As Seen on TV crap and I didn’t have my stuff together in time to get that (most of it takes several weeks to arrive). Shh – don’t tell her, but I found one on Amazon Prime that will arrive today for her birthday party at her grandparents’ house.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life Roundup: Week of July 8-14

See, this is why I need to write all of this crap down when it happens and not rely on my utterly useless memory to get it all straight. I can’t think of a single thing we did that week. Possibly because it’s summer and I’m trying to have a light schedule and we really didn’t do much. Also, possibly because it was a thousand degrees most of those days. We just hung out in the house.

Sunday, Daisy’s Girl Scout troop went roller skating. All of them were there for the first time. Daisy has more guts than ability, so she went all out and ended up bruising the heck out of my ankle when she couldn’t get her feet under her properly. She did work it out by the end of the day and was getting around pretty well.


Monday: A little rain shower leads to some puddle jumping:


Thursday: Storytime at the Library (as Viv says, “the lellow libaly.” She is in speech therapy for some of those sounds, so I’m not making fun of my four-year-old. I think it’s adorable and will be a little sad when she speaks just right).


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project Life Roundup: Week of July 1-7

Oh, did you think there were going to be pictures of a completed Project Life layout? Silly, silly. No, I’m just planning ahead for the day when I will actually work on my PL album. You know, in the future. I actually have a vague plan of doing it during a girl's’ weekend I have scheduled with my cousins, but then again, I also have plans of emptying the fridge of wine that weekend. So maybe Project Life will wait a little longer.

July 1: The two middle girls met the granddaughters of a woman we go to church with. They were visiting from California and were looking for some friends. It was one of those experiences my girls (who are 7 and 9) will probably have a vague memory of, but not much other than that. One summer, we visited some friends of my parents on our drive home from the beach. They had kids my age and we played on their swingset. I have no idea who they are or why we stopped to visit or really a single other detail about that experience.

Then we drove off to my parents’ beach house for dinner and an evening at the pool. The kids love to swim so convincing them to leave to go to bed wasn’t easy, but we all had fun.


July 2: We got up early to go to the beach to find it was cloudy and raining. It cleared up by 10, so we drove off in search of good parking (smart move – it was crazy just an hour later). My brother and his family were driving in to visit that morning and they joined us on the beach. I love for my kids to have a chance to visit with their cousins.


July 4: We actually had an invite to a party – and not just our family plus Hubby’s parents. No, it was actual people. We ate crabs and the kids rode bikes together. We left to go see fireworks in a nearby town that we’d never seen fireworks at before. We loved it – so relaxing and easy to get in and out of the downtown area. Definitely going back next year.

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July 5-7: It is hotter than the sun here. Saturday’s high is 105. The A/C in Ted’s room broke so he had to bunk with the girls until we got a new one (our house is older than everyone living in it combined and multiplied by 4). Other than that, we all just hang out indoors.