Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another Tuesday night...

and I'm going to Idol.

Blake - 311. Loved this song back in my college days. He's not singing the singing parts great, but the beatboxing and all makes it cool. How the F-ING HELL do Randy and Paula not know this song? It may not have been like princess pop, but it got air play. Or am I dreaming? Did only people in my little college town like this song?

Sanjaya - John Mayer. Eh, I'm not a huge John Mayer fan. It's a boring song at it's best. And this was not it's best. And the straight hair is not working.

Sundance - Pearl Jam. Seriously, dude? What is this - A Very Alternative Idol? I did NOT like it. And not just because I don't like Sundance.

Dude, Travis Tritt. Awesome. I love him.

Chris R. - At least he's not bouncing this week. I don't know this song, which shows that I need to get back into country. It used to be my musical bread and butter, but these days I tend to pop-punk. It was okay. Not really for me, but I can see where younger girls would like it.

Jared - Seriously, why do I find this guy so freaking hot? Anyway, he rocks Stevie Wonder. Awesome. Paula seems to just be looking for a reason to nitpick at some of the better singers.

Brandon - Meh. Boring. I mean, interesting song choice, but a boring performance.

Phil - Yikes. I liked him so much the last two weeks, but this is kind of ... pitchy. Not as good.

Chris Sligh - didn't really know or like the song, but he just does it all so well.

SO who's leaving? Sanjaya. Please America. Sanjaya. And maybe...I really don't know. Brandon, Jared? NO idea.

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