Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A little rambling before Idol

Comfort in my clutter
It's spring(ish) here today. Like fabulously 70 degrees and sunshiney. So I started the spring cleaning in the basement, where we tend to stash our clutter and leave it since it's too cold to spend much time down there in the winter. Cleaned out trash, old junk mail, just stuff I should have taken care of at the time, but didn't. And just a few minutes ago I went down to switch the laundry over and felt a little...unsettled at how clean it was. Could there be comfort in my clutter? And why? Why am I so freaking weird that a nice clean laundry area made me antsy. In other rooms, I clean and declutter and it looks pretty. For a day. If that. Kids and husbands (okay, just the one husband) and, well, me, we mess it up. Because we live there and it just happens. But that basement doesn't see day to day use, so it could stay clean. Maybe I can't handle the pressure of that.

Idol songs surge on iTunes?
I was cruising iTunes for some new music today and noticed the Corinne Bailey Rae song that Antonella "sang" last week was in the top 100 downloads. I'm thinking of taking a survey and seeing if any of last night's songs shoot up the downloads list. I think I noticed it last week too, although I can't think of any songs from two weeks ago to cite a specific example.

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