Thursday, March 8, 2007

My latest knitting...





Check me out finishing projects. What a concept. So there's the felted bag pre-felting and post-felting. I admit that I cheated and made it smaller than the pattern wanted me to. I just got so antsy and if I didn't finish it then, I'd probably have put it aside and never picked it back up. My basement full of half-finished projects is a testament to this.

And there's the basic knitted cable from Stitch and Bitch Nation that I made for my husband. Sadly, his ginormous head prevents him from actually wearing it. Actually in our family of giant heads, it really only fits the baby. How sad are we? Mr. T is wearing it, but it doesn't really cover his ears. It's blue, so he decided it's for a boy, even though his favorite color is red (so's mine).
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