Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Idoling a bit late this week...

Tom was home early last night, so I watched American Idol, but didn't blog it. I thought he might enjoy the theme - 60s British Invasion. I was partly right. He liked, well, one song. These are probably out of order because I'm trying to do it from memory.

Haley - Tell Him. Very cutesy. I'm considering betting on Simon's response - cruise ship, theme park, etc. No? Really? They liked it? I mean, it wasn't bad, but it was a tad boring, despite her perky performance. I think group psychology is coming into play here. They blasted her last week and I bet a lot of people responded by voting for her (I tried, but it was always busy, such is the case every time I've ever attempted to vote)

Chris R. - Dude, that was so boring. I mean, yeah, the acoustic thing was cool. And yeah, you're cute in that way that my sister likes, but does not in any way appeal to me. But you're totally wearing blue eyeshadow and that freaks me out. How does Simon not know this song? Oh, Tom doesn't know it either. So why do I know it, then? Must go back to my oldies station phase from high school.

Blake - A vaguely modern take that is basically the exact song from the 60s with some electronic sounds over it. And the judges love it. Because it's not really risky at all. I don't mind it, but I really liked what he did last week, so I guess I'm not qualified to judge. Tom claims that this is just a copycat of a cover that's already been done. He does know his British music, so he's probably right.

Stephanie - Love Me. I like this song. But she's not singing her best tonight. And the glam dress with the kick ass boots? Weird. I think she's in danger. And the judges agree. That ought to get the voting going.

Phil - Oh, dear. I don't know if it's the song, the arrangement, or just him, but this is awful. I'm fastforwarding through it, it's so bad. I pick him to leave tonight now.

LaKisha - Diamonds Are Forever. This is the song Tom liked. Again, I think the judges harshing on her was a calculated psychological ploy. In past years, voters have not always responded well to the judges drooling over their anointed one week after week.

Sanjaya - Well, his hair's better this week. That's something. And he's not really trying to sing as well as the rest of them, so that's another something. Is that girl crying? For real? Oh, so that's who's voting for him. I get it now. Actually not his worst performance, though his singing was horrific. The judges praise in what must be another calculated ploy, right?

Jordin - Wow. She's really coming into her own. She sang this so beautifully and she looks amazing. But seriously, what a horrible song, lyrics-wise.

Chris Sligh - What's with the starting in the audience? He just looks like he got lost. Tom likes this song, if not Chris Sligh singing it.

Gina - Love the hair. Love the outfit, the song, the set. Even love her performance, but the singing? Man. It's rough in spots and she mumbles or moves the microphone so we can't hear her sometimes. But I give her points for being different, if what they've declared her to be.

Melinda - A song from Oliver? I think that's stretching the definition of British Invasion just a tad. And this is so freaking boring. Not even Melinda is making it unboring, despite what the judges are trying to tell her.

So the best of the night for me - LaKisha or Jordin.

Worst of the night: Stephanie, Phil, with Phil being my prediction for who's going home.

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