Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Idol Week 3: And then there were ten...

A whole show about Gwen Stefani's favorite songs? Weird. I mean, kind of a random thing, no? I think I'll submit my iPod playlist for next week's show.

LaKisha - Let's Dance. To be honest, this is kind of boring. Yeah, she's definitely among the top singers, but the song is boring and even her something extra she brings didn't enliven it for me. Donna Summers? Was Gwen Stefani's list made from a random playlist generator?

Chris Sligh - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. He sounds quite a bit like Sting. I wasn't sure at the start, but I think this is a good song for him. We know it, he sings it well. Goooo, Chris. Isn't Paula cute with her constructive criticism while she was rocking out during the song? Kind of makes it hard to actually listen to her.

Gina - I'll Stand by You. Is that the name of this song? Wow. This is the best she's sounded, voice wise in weeks. I will say that the outfit is just bizarre. She's overplaying the rock thing, but I think it makes sense, career-wise, for her to do this. She's not going to win (I think we can all agree on this - just not enough people like the rocker thing), but by sticking with a strong style, she's already working a post-Idol career.

Sanjaya - Bathwater. I'm sorry. I just can't stop laughing. Why? Why? Why? I have nothing else to say.

Haley - True Colors. I don't know. It's not bad. It's not very interesting, but it's not bad.

Phil - Every Breath You Take. I haven't liked Phil this much for a while, like since the first week with the just the guys. And they covered up his creepy head. Very nice.

Melinda - Heaven Knows. Was Gwen Stefani really so influenced by disco? Interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I mean, excellent singing, obviously. But, well, maybe I don't like the song, but I didn't love it.

Blake - Lovesong. Hmm, I haven't really seen his appeal before tonight. He's kind of hot. And he really can sing when he isn't distracting us with the beatbox boy thing.

Jordin - Hey, Baby. Really? Okay. It's not horrible. I think there was probably a better "fun" song choice out there, but it was cute. It seemed a little weak in the beginning, but it was okay overall.

Chris R - Don't Speak. I just don't like him. And I don't like his voice either - you know, something about the quality of his voice, not how well he sings or not.

So for a fun little fact, it IS possible to watch 60+ minutes of American Idol in less than 30 minutes. I started watching it at 9 on my DVR because I thought it was over and caught up to the end. I missed all the Gwen Stefani chats, but that stuff drives me crazy anyway.

I think I'll rank them tonight:
Melinda/Blake (tie)
LaKisha/Jordin (tie)
Chris Sligh
Chris R/Haley (tie)

I'm thinking it's Haley's time to go. Boring gets em every time. Although I wouldn't discount the curse of the fauxhawk (see also: Nadia Turner).

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