Thursday, April 6, 2006

Turn off the TV Day...

I decided to make today a no tv day. Partly because DS (who turns five in one month exactly) has become terrified of every little thing lately. His imagination is just growing every day and it's becoming a bit of a problem. He sees baby bugga-buggas everywhere. Or red-eyed tree frogs. Or giant caterpillars. Which are not seen on Dora or Diego, like the other two scary things. No, those are courtesy of his uncle, Dr. Who fan extraordinaire. For some reason, he thought it would fun to watch with his easily-frightened nephew. I'm going to have a put a ban on further Dr. Who sharings (and not because I think it's weird, which I do. No, it's for the benefit of my child. Really.).

So the no tv thing is driving me crazy. I really am curious what's going on in the backyard. Not really. It's probably one of the same episodes they always show and then I'll just have to go around singing "I love being a princess" and have strange people look at me. Or is that people look at me strangely. Um, yeah. Probably that one.

I realized that I'm raising little tv addicts. Which isn't really all that odd. I am one myself. So's my dad. It's genetic. Yeah, that's it. We can't help it (and I'm so joking there. Nothing drives me crazier than people not taking credit for their problems. We can help it. We just don't.). But see, part of me thinks that's okay - the tv part, not the not taking credit part. I mean ask anyone in my generation about G.I. Joe or Jem and they know what you're talking about. And if they don't, they're met with lots of gasps "How can you not have watched Jem?" Well, I can rest easier knowing that won't be my kids. No sir. They will be fully participatory in the whole pop culture thing.

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