Thursday, April 27, 2006

Style...or lack thereof...

Sometimes in the scrapping world, I feel like the girl I was in high school - the one who couldn't figure out how to wear anything more complicated than a solid tee with jeans and boots. Every day. Usually brown or navy blue tees. Other girls could accessorize, wear prints, the latest styles. Not me. That's how my scrapbooking pages are - at least to me. Straight lines, the only thing resembling an embellishment is patterned paper, maybe,if I'm feeling really creative, a rub-on. Other scrappers can mix and match their paper, use those gorgeous big flowers, try out all the latest trends. Even when I specifically challenge myself to break out of the routine, I fall back to where I'm comfortable.

Where am I going with this? No where, really. Because I'm not in high school anymore. I happily wear my solid tees and jeans every day (although I love color now - today's shirt will probably be pink - yeah, I'm not dressed yet, what of it?). That's who I am. Plain and simple. I'm cool with that. I kind of like me now. Doesn't mean I don't sometimes look at those beautifully embellished pages and wish I had the knack. Maybe that will be my challenge to myself today.

1 comment:

  1. When you said "I like me now"...that made me so happy :) It's so hard for us women to like ourselves. Good for you! Embrace yourself, and embrace your scrappin' style.