Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Perfect Sunday...

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A trip with the fam to IKEA. Ours is only twenty minutes away so pretty much anytime we're bored and looking for storage/organizing/decorating inspiration, we hop in the minivan and take a little drive. The kids even know the building when we past it on the highway. Today we got a dresser for T, which I've been trying to decide on for months. Finally, the clothes that don't fit in his current one were driving me crazy enough to not have to have the PERFECT dresser, and I settled for a "good for now" dresser. His current, too small dresser will go to S, who - being nine months old - just has smaller clothes. Although not that small. She's something of a brute. Tomorrow's her nine month well check, so we'll see how big. Hopefully, I won't freaking forget this one like I did her four month. Oops. Bad Mama.

Actually, that one experience has me super paranoid to not repeat it, so I think I'll be awake at the crack of dawn to be ready. Of course, the crack of dawn around here means whenever Baby S wakes up - which isn't so much the crack of dawn as the crack of, say, nine-ish. I know. I'm spoiled. I like to convince myself sometimes that it's just my amazing parenting instincts and the fact that we co-slept until she was six months old that got her on my circadian rhythm (by the way, if you ever need someone to bullshit a response to just about anything for you, I'm your girl). The sad truth is - and I'm perfectly aware of this, despite the previous sentence, which might lead one to conclude that I'm delusional - I'm damned lucky. Even my earliest riser gets up at 8. And he's almost five. He entertains himself while I press the figurative snooze button.

I'm just updating this post while I allow my Excedrin Tension Headache pills to kick in. Seriously the best stuff ever invented, especially for me and my mom. Me, just until my surgery's over and I can have aspirin again. My mom, forever, because aspirin gives her deadly hives (like in her throat and nasal passages, cutting off air supply - here I am, the one that you love, asking for another day. OMG - is the Excedrin working? I'm getting a little loopy. No? I'm always like that? Okay then.). Oh, and I took a couple of Sudafed. I have a monstrosity of a headache - like a 9.5 on the headache scale (got to leave a little wiggle room for the later contestants, ya know?), so a little combo seemed in order. It's both sinus and tension-y. Hopefully, I'll just drift off to sleep as soon as I lay my little (okay, gigantic) head down. Not likely. I'm not sure that's ever happened in my life. Oh, except for that one time in Disney World, Spring Break 96.

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