Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Early review on Clean and Simple 2...

And this is from my DH, who read it in - of all places - the bathroom. I had it in there to give it a quick flip-through while the kids were in the tubbie and he picked it up during one of his way too long visits later that night. He came out of the bathroom with tears in his eyes. I was worried about him - did something happen in there? Then he admitted that he'd read my "scrapbooking thing." And he liked it. He liked the writing style, the graphic design style, and most of all, what she had to say both on her layouts and the words in the book. He recognizes parts of me in this stranger who wrote a book about scrapbooking. And he sees the value in what I'm doing.

So thank you, Cathy Z, for helping DH get it. He still looked at me all crazy when I whipped out my camera to take a picture of Ikea, but later that night when I was taking pics of him and the kids, instead of rolling his eyes at me, he just smiled.

I'm thinking now's the time to go out and drop some serious money on scrapbooking. As opposed to? Well, less serious money. Actually, commend me. I'm on a spending hiatus. Haven't bought anything since February. Haven't scrapped since then really either, so I'm trying to earn (mentally, that is) the right to buy more stuff.

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  1. How sweet! Maybe i'll get my DH to read The Big Picture...maybe then he'll "get it".