Friday, April 21, 2006

Hold on to these moments as they pass...

OMG, she is too cute. My little G is three years old. She's really only been talking for a year now. I despaired of her ever talking. She seriously had said about 40 words, but I had experienced a late talker with her older brother and was confident that speech would come. It did. With a vengeance. I remember thinking once when T (now age 5) started talking, why, oh why did I ever want him to talk - he never shuts up! Now G is the same way. If she's awake, she's talking. She still mispronounces a lot, but in a very cute, mostly understandable way.

I find myself using her consistent mispronuciations myself. Like "You're welpome." The color white is "Whipe." I guess I should instead be modeling proper pronunciation or some crap, but it's just too cute. And I know that it won't last - all these things of toddlerhood won't last. I know this and it breaks my heart. Of course, right now she's in the midst of a temper tantrum because her brother dared to take back the toy she took from him. That ending doesn't really make me so sad. They're growing up. All three of my kids are growing up. Five, three and one this year. I wish I could freeze them for a few extra months at these ages. I wish I could capture these memories - every last moment of them - and never lose them.

That? That desire to keep every single second fresh in my (very bad) memory? That is why I take about a hundred pictures a day. Think I'm joking? Ask my poor kids. Ask my DH. I take pictures of anything and everything. I'm not that great yet, still learning the ins and outs of photography. But I love my camera and I love pictures. I love to go back to 2003 (when I went digital) and relive the moments.

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