Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So I finally got around to Grey's...

and I don't know why this show is so compelling. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm completely captivated by it, but I don't exactly know why. DH asked me why Desperate Housewives (which neither one of us watch) was so popular. I told him it was just a new generation's Dynasty - a total guilty pleasure, mindless escape type of thing. I think that's what Grey's has too. Not much suspense or mystery other than the emotional, just an hour spent in the lives of people in whom we can see a part of ourselves on some level. I have no problem at all with mindless television. Life's hard enough, television should be entertainment. I love a nice documentary and more often than not an educational type channel is on our tv, but when it's 10pm and my brain is fried? I want easy.

So about the show. Interesting with the flashbacks (from someone who watched the first two or three episodes and then picked it up again this past summer with the last few). I don't know how Derek got over Addison's affair enough to even try again. The most emotional moment of the entire episode was Cristina breaking down with Burke at the end. Wow. The whole Meredith has a choice thing doesn't really grab me. Seems like she's already decided, right? Time to flip a coin, my solution to everything. Either way, the coin will tell you the answer your heart knows. If you say A is heads and B is tails and it comes up heads and you're happy, you probably wanted A all along. But if it comes up heads and you say "best two out of three", you probably wanted B. (edited because I just saw a preview where Meredith says she's going to flip a coin - maybe I'm psychic...or maybe I'd already seen it when I wrote this.)

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