Friday, September 22, 2006

Thursday Night's TV...

Okay, so I didn't watch Earl last night. I was giving the kids a bath and just let the DVR catch it. We'll probably watch it tonight. And I'm planning to watch Grey's (yes, I recorded Grey's and watched CSI) this afternoon during naptime.

CSI: Okay, where do I start? Cirque storyline = BORING. Apparent suicide featuring Judge Amy Gray's brother (or was he the cousin?) = BORING. No mention of Gil and Sara getting it on, although the little flirty things were a little hint - appropriate given both of their personalities. They don't seem the PDA type. The starting new cases midshow was a little confusing, especially since you couldn't tell what was going on with whom. I know that was intentional and it also worked. I'm very curious about next week.

*SIDE QUESTION* What is with all these musicians selling themselves to television? John Mayer on CSI. Sugarland was on Las Vegas last week (really the season finale, but I missed it the first time). Is some group going to get hurt in Chicago and give an impromptu concert in the ER waiting room? I see it all the time lately. Is it just a way of reaching another audience? What started this phenomenon? I know they used to do it on Charmed all the time. And American Idol's appeal probably hasn't hurt any.

ER: I haven't totally digested everything from this episode yet. Hmmm...Sam and her ex. I started off thinking "Now, she didn't really need to do that, did she?" But then I thought some more and realized that yes she did. If Steve wasn't dead he would come back for her and/or Alex over and over. Okay, Abby and Luka. This is what I'm mainly still mulling over. I mean, good everyone's alive still. Lots of emotional baggage to deal with though. Jerry - poor Jerry. Barely survives being shot in the ER and then still has to deal with his mama. Neela - okay, I saw her with John Stamos in the previews, but I'm still rooting for Ray.

Friday night's TV: Who watches tv on a Friday night? Only people with no lives. Yeah, that'd be me. Tom is usually exhausted from getting up at the crack of dawn all week and just crashes on Friday nights, so it's just me and the tv. Either I'll watch Las Vegas or the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Haven't decided yet.

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