Saturday, September 2, 2006

Good knitting news and bad knitting news...

 The good news is I KNIT A SWEATER!!!!!! Granted, it's a baby sweater and it's rather flawed, but I finished it. And it looks like a sweater.

The bad news that my child has a gigantic head. I knit the sweater according to 2 year old instructions. It won't fit over the head of my 14 month old. And not because I did something majorly wrong. I did bind off somewhat more tightly than I should have, but I went back and redid and it still won't fit over her great big giant head. Nothing to worry about - I've never been able to wear hats because women's hats aren't made big enough for my own great big giant head. And Tom has a big head, as have our other two offspring. We're a big-headed family.

So I undid the crew neck of my sweater. What you see above is it undone. I might go back and crochet a finished edge. Or just make her a cardigan. Posted by Picasa

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