Monday, September 18, 2006

Deal or No Deal...

So in principal, I dislike this show. I hate "reality" tv. I hate shows where people are put under intense pressure. I hate the smack talk they all feel they have to do. And yet...I can't turn away from it. I can't even figure out why. I know at least one reason some people watch the show must be the case girls, but is that enough to watch for an entire hour - or two? Do we just like to see people get money? Is it the idea that it could happen to us too?

Part of me is watching it to figure out if it's rigged. Sometimes it seems like it must be - or at least each girl must know what her case is. But I did see one contestant turn down their offer and end up with $5. Make me stop watching this! Okay, there's nothing else on and I'm a tv addict. I just figured out why this show is so popular. There's crap else on tv when it's on. Same way people got hooked on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, American Idol, and Survivor. Not a bad tactic, actually.

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