Monday, September 18, 2006

Thinking of going Mac...

I can't believe I just typed that. What is this world coming to? Actually, I'm not that PC. I started my master's degree in graphic design and had no choice but to adjust to Macs in the school's computer lab. I'm pretty quick with computer programs - they just make sense to me. So switching isn't a concern in that regard. And I do lots of artsy computer-y stuff that traditionally goes with a Mac - namely, Photoshop. But I've always argued that the mindset that arts go with Mac is passé and now the PC versions of those programs are equally workable. And plus, you can get just about any program you want at any old store for a PC. Not so with a Mac, although I think this is changing too.

My main concern is that I know Windows inside and out. If my computer has a problem, I can fix it. It may take a day or two, but I get it fixed. Will I be able to do that with a Mac? Or can I believe the hype that I won't need to? I'm feeling the temptation of iLife and all the cool bundled photo software.

But why am I worrying about this anyway? My next computer is at least a year away, probably more like two, considering this one just celebrated its six-month birthday. I like to worry ahead like that. Then when the time to make the decision comes, I'll have the worrying done already and can make a seemingly snap decision.

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