Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday Night TV...

Bones: These serial killer episodes creep me out. But the talk at the end with the emotional bonding was good. The developing friendship/will they won't they thing between the two of them is excellent chemistry, casting and just plain good tv. I know they'll draw out the tension between Booth and Bones for as long as possible, but well, I'd like to see someone get David Boreanaz.

Good Eats: Peachy Keen was the title of this episode. I'm very say to say that I just wasn't into it. I think I might be on Alton overload (although since I have a bit of a crush on him too, not really a bad thing). I still enjoyed it, found it very interesting, but some of the zing didn't seem to be there. Or the super duper Tylenol Severe Cold I'm on and pretty much had to sign away my firstborn to get is fogging my brain. Maybe I should watch it after my cold clears.

A preview of MamaChris's planned TV tonight: Oh, man, the DVR is going to be going full blast tonight, isn't it? We'll start with a helping of Earl, because it's just plain funny (seriously, the dearth of comedic entertainment on television today is just depressing - so we need Earl). Then CSI or Grey's Anatomy (another one of my summer conversions, like House). I will probably record Grey's because Tom isn't into medical dramas, but loves to be grossed out by CSI. I don't get it either. Then over to County General for some ER cliffhanger resolution.

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