Monday, October 2, 2006


The Blogger monster has eaten two posts. And one was a way cool week of tv wrap-up - the other was just a knitting brag (okay, not brag, more a post about how I love to start projects and I have a cool new project started). I'm not up for recreating right now.

What I wanted to write about today is, naturally, related to television. And two of my hobbies (at the very least). When my sister and I were at the football game a few weeks ago, she saw me craning my head to check some guy. She looks at him. He's older, bald and with his gray-haired wife. She said to me, "You're checking out that man's camera, aren't you?" Of course I was. I do that everywhere I go. If someone has an SLR I have to know - is it Nikon, Canon, or could they be one of the rare Pentax people like me? Is it digital? What kind of lens? See? All these questions I need to have answered.

So the television-related part...I do the same thing on TV. Every episode of CSI features photography as part of their job. This week's episode, Gil was using a D200. Nice camera, I thought. Then I wondered if it was product placement. I mean, all you saw was that number in the corner (I think) and it would take a photography buff to know that's a Nikon, so not very effective product placement if it was. Then on ER, Sally Field knits with circulars? And she knows what she's doing, it seems. She really appeared to be knitting. But her yarn? Kind of fugly. Hope it wasn't for that poor baby. I don't really like circulars, but I've noticed in several commercials (for arthritis remedies) recently that people were knitting on circulars. Funny the things I notice.

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