Sunday, May 7, 2006

We are gathered here today...

Actually it was Friday night. We went to the wedding of my cousin. Gorgeous location, picture perfect wedding (at least to me, the casual observer - there could have been chaos behind the scenes and I wouldn't have realized). As always, weddings, especially those on the water, remind me of my own wedding. Eight years ago in June. I graduated from college and got married three weeks later. Sounds like such a throwback cliché, doesn't it? But we were young and in love and people in my family (my mom's family) seem to marry young. Eight years, three kids and two states later, we're still there. And I think we realize that marriage isn't always stars and sunshine - and that's okay. A few clouds now and then make the sun seem brighter, in my opinion.

In general, I think the danger of marrying young is that most people still have a lot of growing to do, which isn't itself a problem, as long as you make an effort to grow together. And I do think it requires an effort at times. Marriage requires a little work, a little soul searching and sharing. I suppose you could also argue that when you marry young, you might be a bit naive about the whole marriage thing. Not the sex part. The living with another person part. Even if you've had a roommate, living with a spouse is different. You're not just sharing space, you're sharing your lives.

Now, me and my husband? We're, as my mother put it when I told her we were getting married, two very strong-minded people. We've always been who we are. Is because we're Leos? I don't know. That makes for two very much want to be in control people. I generally think we take turns being in charge - or letting the other person think he's in charge.

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