Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rainy days and...Thursdays?

It's raining. And I'm oddly energetic. I've cleaned my dining area, my bedroom, the laudry area and the steps (big clutter area, so actually a bigger job than it sounds). What's up with that? I'm one of the laziest housekeepers I know. Most of it's because I have clutter that I just don't know what to do with. I keep moving things around from one area to another hoping I'll figure out where something belongs and it will mysteriously have a place.

This is kind of weird, but my photography is actually making me a better housekeeper. As I want to take more and more pictures and be able to either set up a backdrop or not, I want to keep my house cleaner. Sometimes I want to take pictures of DH and the kids playing and just look at the mess around them and don't even pick up my camera. And other times, I want to get out the backdrop system I have to set up a mini photo shoot with the kids and there's no room to open it up. And it's not that big.

I sit and watch Tom and the kids play and am always struck by how fleeting these moments are. I think about getting my camera out to create a permanent record of this moment and hope that by doing so I might be able to keep this feeling in me at the same time - this wonder and appreciation and just utter joy. I have days when that feeling is greater than my embarassment at my poor housekeeping skills.

Right now I'm trying the SHE system. It's not working so well. I think I got too generic with my cards, so I don't feel like I can move any ever. Maybe I need to make them more specific so I can feel accomplished. Get out of bed. (Check) Pee. (Check) Put on bra. (check) Put on shirt. (check) See how much I got done today? I mean that's four cards and I haven't even put on my pants. What a day!

I told DH about my intentions to start this. He laughed. Now, don't go getting all mad at his lack of support. He laughes because he knows. This will be one more thing I've tried to organize myself that will probably fail. Flylady? No good. I've tried bins, drawers, file folders. I'm just not organized by nature, so I have a hard time fighting that. My mom's the same way. In fact, so's my grandmom. It's genetic. Or learned. Whatever. Either way, I'm not escaping it.

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