Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Why is that you only want to do something once you're told you can't? Human nature, I suppose. That whole forbidden fruit thing. Well, in preparation for the big gallbladder-ectomy, I have to have some bloodwork done. And I need to fast for 12 hours beforehand. No big deal. I don't like to eat in the morning anyway. So I was going to have it done today because DH is home and could keep the kids so I didn't have to drag them to the lab with me. Then I figure out when I needed to stop eating. If was going at 8 this morning, I'd have to stop eating after 8 last night. Um, give up my "no kids allowed" dessert? I don't think so. So maybe after 9. Not like I get out of the house to go anywhere before nine, right?

I was starving last night. I wanted to eat everything. Stuff I don't even like. I was ravenous. I'm not normally like that. I will make a confession here that goes no further than this blog. Understood? I ate all four leftover cupcakes from T's birthday party at school. In ten minutes. Why? Because I knew that after nine, I couldn't eat anything else and if they were there, I would want them. How pathetic is that?

This morning, I was again hungry. What? I'm never hungry before one p.m. Never. Why am I so hungry? And coffee. Well, I can never go without coffee, but I thought for one day, I'd be okay. It taunted me. I could feel the caffeine headache start. I opened the refrigerator to get drinks for the kids. My coffee creamer stared me down. And I admit it. I'm weak. It won. I drank the coffee. I had a bowl of cereal. I'll just get the freaking test done on Saturday.

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