Thursday, May 18, 2006

A few of my crushes...

Since I'm such a tv addict, I think most of them are tv related. Surprise, surprise. Some are normal, some are...a little offbeat.

David Boreanaz (Angel, sigh. He's even cute and sexy on Bones, now that I've gotten into it)
George Eads (Nick Stokes of CSI - though not with the bad hair from parts of this past season. Ew)
Vincent D'Onofrio (like in L&O: Criminal Intent, not Men In Black or anything)
Adam Savage (you know, Mythbusters? Smart, funny, a little dorky, but that's what I like)
Alton Brown (Good Eats - so smart, so funny, that's what gets me)
Wayne Brady (someone whose musical knowledge is vaster than mine and he can sing in tune. And the funny. How could I forget the funny?)

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