Thursday, May 18, 2006

A few philosophical questions...

Is it wasteful to pour extra shampoo to try to get rid of your old bottle when you have a brand spanking new one just waiting on the edge of the tub? Or to throw out the extra conditioner still in the bottle when you've finished with the matching shampoo and your next shampoo is a different kind? Is there any point to switching brands of shampoo every time? Why do I do it every time?

Is it neurotic to only eat M&M's in groups of four? (Wait, don't answer that. And don't point out the similarities to T's four obsession.) They all must match - like four red or blue (actually, that's not true. I won't eat the blue ones, I save them for DH). In a pinch, I can do two red and two yellow or a similar combination. And know that I'm not claiming they taste different. I'm perfectly aware that the candy coating tastes the same. Now, Skittles, there's a big difference. I group them into colors. Then I not the number in the smallest pile and eat the remainder of the others to make them equal. Then eat in order. Order may be varied in a turn (like it may go red, orange, purple, then orange, purple, red), but one of each must be consumed in a turn.

I have some weird food things. Like I have to leave a bite of something on my plate. I can't help myself. Although there are some foods that I love enough not to do that. But I always leave a bite of a burger (usually just bread that I won't eat without meat left on it).

Okay, I have to stop now. I'm freaking myself out. I try to blame my son's obsessive tendencies on DH, but now I'm wondering a little.

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