Sunday, May 14, 2006

Grey's Anatomy. Why do I not watch this show?

Seriously. I loved it. Too bad tonight (and tomorrow night, apparently) is the season finale. I watched like the first three episodes and then got distracted, possibly by its timeslot rival Crossing Jordan (which I'm annoyed with for the constant Woody/Jordan will they/won't they? thing). So I know a tiny bit of the background (like the Derek/Meredith/Addison triangle thing - or is it a square now, with the vet dude? Is he really in the picture? Regulars want to help me out?). I was glued to the tv for the whole show. I think I'll even watch tomorrow night. Maybe next year too. If I remember that I liked it. I might not. My long-term memory's a little shaky and selective. I knew the names of T's preschool classmates after one class, but I can't remember if I paid the phone bill last month (I really need to check on that).

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