Saturday, February 3, 2007

You might have a bad day if...

The night before your 18 month old is up every two hours crying inconsolably and then dozing off. You however cannot sleep because she kicks like the devil all night long. And you're on the sofa so your husband - who gets up for work before the sun - can get some sleep.

You make coffee and groggily wait for it to brew while you get kids ready for school. Go in to get cup of caffeine only to discover you forgot to add water. Begin to wait again.

You look outside and find it's cloudy, but the snow they called for ended hours ago. Get all the way to school (where you have to wait outside for your child to be dismissed - we don't get a bus in our neighborhood) and it starts snowing and sleeting and raining on you. And your sick 18 month old. And your very clumsy 3.5 year old.

You catch all the diseases your darling children have been kind enough to bring home from school to you.

Top it all off with that monthly visitor. Nothing like going outside in 20 degree weather with killer cramps.

Yeah, that's been my week. And I'm afraid I was rude to my sister-in-law who was kind enough to invite me to a kids event thing, but it costs money that is just not in the budget right now. And I haven't heard from Miss G's preschool about which class she's in for next year, so I don't know if I need to worry about preschools all over again or if she's in the class I want.

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