Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's ladies night...m

Ready for another round of American Idol? I am. Tom is at meetings every night this week, so I get to Idol to my heart's content. And by the end of the day, I need some Idol.

So why do I only recognize one or two of these girls? And at least one of the recognized one I don't like because of the drama they showed her involved in (that would be Antonella).

Stephanie - She can sing for sure. And she seems to have the stage presence that many of the guys were lacking last night.

Amy - I like her slightly country take on I Can't Make You Love Me. Is this sung by a guy? Subdued, but good, not amazing. Not sure subdued is the right way to go for this first week, but doing it well at least is important.

Leslie Hunt - dogwalker. Singer. Wow, a girl of many talents. Okay, I wasn't sure about her but I'm becoming sold. I'd like to see her singing something...Joan Jett-ier than Natural Woman, but it's still good.

Sabrina Sloan - I don't remember her at all. She's a professional singer? Is that allowed? I guess as long as they don't have a recording contract, but how does she call herself a professional?

Antonella - girl, go home. It was...horrible. What the heck is that shirt? She does have nice hair. Bad song choice.

Jordan - she's cute and this is a fun performance and she really sings it well.

Nicole - OMG, she's annoying. Ack, I think she's going to try to eat me (anyone watch Angel - she was totally trying to vamp out).

Hayley - Oh, honey, couldn't you pick anything other than Celine. I mean, maybe you can sing it - maybe you can't (my money's here since most can't), but such an Idol cliché. Okay, you can somewhat sing it, but you're no Celine. Kind of average, didn't make me recoil in horror, but didn't make me say she's the one.

Melinda - she can totally sing. And she's got the stage presence. Good song choice. Best of the night?

Alaina Alexander - the Pretenders, really? No offense, honey, but you don't have quite enough...brass in pocket for this song. You're cute, is this really your style? Sorry, haven't seen enough of this girl to know if it is or not (and side note - she's totally stolen Ryan's look from last night), but I think a more pop song might be more suited to her voice.

Gina - good song (as in, I like it), she really nailed it. I don't know if I like that she kept coming back year after year or not. But she's good. I almost could believe the Simon conspiracy theory that he sometimes picks on people to get them sympathy votes.

LaKisha - beautiful dress. Best song choice for her voice and style of the night. She's definitely got "it."

Antonella and Nicole are my bottom two.

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