Monday, February 5, 2007

Knitting update...

So I taught myself to knit around my birthday. I learned from several different books because each book's explanation was a little different and they all sort of worked together to make it make sense in my head. I've since knitted a sweater for each of my daughters and various pieces of other sweaters and scarves and stuff.

A few weeks ago I started watching Knitty Gritty on DIY Network. Do you know what I discovered? I've been knitting WRONG all this time. Turns out I was knitting in the back loops all the time instead of the front loops. I've been working on correcting that ever since. I think I'm almost used to knitting the right way.

Here's a look at some projects I'm working on:

Bottom of a felted bag (well, a to-be-felted bag):

The back of a sweater I meant for my cousin's daughter for Christmas, but I accidentally made the next size up so it's now for next Christmas (woo-hoo, I'm so ahead! LOL. It still won't be done by Christmas 07).

The earflap hat I knitted for Baby S. Her head's pretty big, but it stretches just enough:

The scarf made from the original (and much-frogged) yarn I bought to teach myself to knit way back in July. It's made on the very small circle from the Knifty Knitter I bought with my Michael's gift card from Christmas. Now I just need to look up how to bind off:

I really enjoy knitting, especially when I take on a project that is actually finishable in a few days, like a hat or the cute little thumbless mittens I made for Baby S. Sweaters and afghans and big things like that or anything knit on size 6 or smaller needles? Not so much my thing. In fact, I just yesterday bought my first size 6 needles to make a hat for the baby my cousin is expecting (same cousin whose daughter might wear the back of that sweater above). Prior to that, I didn't have anything smaller than 8 and even those I don't use. I generally stick to 11 and above. I'm impatient and have problems finishing things. To counteract number one, I keep lots of things on the needles to work on when I get bored with one thing. To counteract the second, short projects that work up fast seems to be the key.

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