Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Can you see me smirking?

I totally am. Do you know why? Because my husband, who for five years has mocked me every time I watch American Idol, actually offered to put it on last night. And watched with me. I'm sure if I suggest that he likes it too he'll tell me he's just watching to stay current with his students or for watercooler-type chats or something. But at least now I won't have to DVR it and watch it the next day.

I've been trying to post some thoughts with an accompanying picture through Picasa, but it's not working for me. And I'm too lazy to resize the picture to upload it directly through Blogger. Just imagine a baguette, okay? I'm a bread lover. I get this from my mother. From her I learned that it's not just how good a restaurant's food is, it's also how good their bread selection is. When I was in college and couldn't afford a restaurant that actually gave you free bread, I fell in love with the baguettes at the grocery store that was within walking distance of the campus. Anytime I needed groceries, I would buy a baguette and start eating it the minute I left the store.

A few years ago, they built one of those same grocery stores just up the street from me (seriously, like not a whole mile away). And I resumed my habit of buying a baguette and eating it in the car on the way home. Now it's turned into a tradition - one child will notice which grocery store we're going to and immediately ask if we're buying French bread. If I say yes, a cheer erupts. No sooner do we leave the store with our baguette than they start asking for a piece. I rip the end off and save it for myself (sorry, kids - I love you and all, but that's my favorite part) then rip off pieces for each kid. Even Baby S, who starts grabbing at the bread from the seat of cart as we leave the store.

So my point about all that was more about creating memories than bread, believe it or not. It's one of those things that makes me conscious of what my kids might remember. I hope this is one of those things. A few weeks ago Tom and I popped some popcorn and ate it in bed watching Mythbusters (yeah, we're dorks, so what?). Two little heads popped in the door. "We smell popcorn." Giggle. So we let them come in and eat popcorn with us. Afterwards, I said to Tom - "that's probably something they're remember one day." That's what it's about. Making memories.

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