Tuesday, February 27, 2007

American Idol Men: Can they suck less?

Let's find out. Sadly, I have a feeling I know the answer for some of these poor gentlemen ::cough:: Sundance ::cough::

Phil Stacey - John Waite. Love it. Great song. I actually didn't love it immediately - sounded a little off, but he really ended it well.

Jared - Breaking out the Marvin Gaye/Barry White. Nice. Why do I find this guy attractive? I mean, one minute I look at him and I'm like "Um, he's weird-looking," but then I look again and I melt. He's got the David Boreanaz brow thing. And that song? Nice. Not necessarily the best singer, but I think I might have a crush.

AJ Tabaldo - Dude can actually sing. Huh. Too bad he annoys me for no apparent reason. Okay, a deeper look at my psyche might reveal an ex-boyfriend he resembles. At any rate, I'm bored with this song.

Sanjaya - He's such a cutie pie. Oh, except not so much in the pony tail. He's so soft and quiet. I don't mind it, but he's not the best. He won't be around long - probably one of the evictees on Thursday unless two other guys really bomb.

Chris Sligh - That's his wife? Nuh-uh. Okay. Nice song. Interesting choice. Wonder if it's getting downloaded on iTunes.

Nick - Fever. Blah. Boring song choice. So overdone. And it now can only be done if it's aMAZing. His was not. I knitted my way through most of that.

Blake - Hey, welcome back beatbox boy. I love the way he wove in the beatboxing completely seamlessly with a hip performance. Seriously seems like the most in touch with the young music scene.

Brandon - I kind of like this version of Time after Time. A little subdued, but not bad.

Chris - Geek in the Pink. I can't even imagine trying to sing as fast Jason Mraz. Again with the bouncing. Dude, you make my head hurt. But I like it. To your grandma? I don't get it. Maybe not necessarily the song, but the performance in general.

Sundance - Mustang Sally. To his son. Yeah, I'm sure it's hard to be away from your newborn, but you'll excuse me if I'm a bit more sympathetic to your wife (who's way hotter than I'd have guessed). Okay. He's good. I still don't like him, but he's definitely better than last week.

Top two? Aw, jeez. Who says that? Anyway, I don't know. Both Chrises. Blake. Phil. That's four.

Bottom two - Sundance (I type this in before he sings, so he's really going to have to bring it to get out of this spot. Okay, he sang well, but I still don't like him). As an alternate, I suspect Brandon's low-key performance might not fly. Oh, and Nick. I don't like him either and he was also boring. And I hate to say Sanjaya, but, well, Sanjaya.

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