Monday, February 12, 2007

Good morning...

My morning ritual. Before we take Mr. T to school, one cup of coffee in my Starbucks mug (even though I don't really like Starbucks all that much - there's a sort of intimidation factor in ordering there that just drives me crazy. Although...I did have a peppermint mocha there when I bought this mug that was TO DIE FOR. Tom is a teacher and as such gets gift cards and things. He's not a coffee drinker at all - not even hot beverages unless he's just been outside shoveling snow or something...which we might have like a foot of this week.)

Then while we're freezing our behinds off walking him up to the school, I dream of getting home to our nice warm house and that second cup of coffee. Because it takes two to make me function. But more than two and I'll be sick. Unless it comes with dessert, in which case, coffee's always cool.

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