Friday, February 23, 2007

A little Idol, a little knitting, a lot of yarn...

So Paul and Rudy are the evictees for the guys and Amy and Nicole for the girls. I was half right. I picked Rudy and Nicole to leave. I liked Paul from the early stages and thought he had some good stuff to come, but I guess no one much agreed with me. And Amy, well, while boring, not the worst. I guess boring is worse than horrible these days. Sad, really.

Here's my bag that I don't think I'll ever get as long as I want it. It's going to be felted so it has to be a lot bigger than the finished size I want.

And here's the baby blanket I started for my nephew-to-be:

And I ordered a ton of yarn for felting projects last week. And I'm astonished by just how much yarn I have. I'm giving up craft supplies for Lent (although if it's to FINISH a specific project I may decide that's permissable - not sure yet). That means no scrapbooking stuff, no yarn, no knitting needles, nothing. I'm going to try avoiding the craft stores altogether, just to facilitate my resolve. Look at this stash - only the new stuff, mind you:

Most of it was purchased with very specific projects, or at least people, in mind. For my grandma's birthday or Christmas (yes, I'm planning ahead - I'd like to actually finish stuff this year) and my sister's birthday felted purse - a little stripey number in this:

or maybe this for my sister:

And this is for a felted cloche hat for me - what? knitting for myself? It's revolutionary. And almost warm here, so this project may wait until after next Christmas, the next likely time for it be cold enough to need a winter hat. The main color will be the black with accents of the tan, gray and cream.

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