Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How about some American Idol?

I've been looking forward to this all day. Not because my life is that lacking, but I've had a really crappy day. Just one of those days where you can't find a single freaking thing you're looking for. Since the kids didn't go to school for Valentine's Day, we put Mr. T and Miss G's Valetines someplace "safe". Yeah, I still haven't found Miss G's. I whipped some up on our brand-spanking new printer.

Rudy Cardenas- Free Ride
Dude, this song totally needs to be sung by someone with...well, a little bit more grit. You're just a little too happy. And stop the Taylor Hicks "whooing". So far, I don't like him. But maybe it will get worse. Or better, I guess I could be optimistic despite my frustrating day. I'm going to knit until he goes away.

Brandon Rogers -
So he's done back-up for all those famous people and he needs to be on American Idol? Really? Doesn't matter. I like him. Great song (I'm so into the 80s right now) - showed off the slow stuff and some upbeat fun stuff. His personality came across so well. He just seems nice and fun. I didn't notice anything wrong with the background singer stuff.

Ah, Sundance. I just have something against him to start with. I think it might be the obnoxious name or the fact that he continually forgot his lyrics during Hollywood week. Oh, no he didn't. That's OUR song. My and DH's first dance at our wedding song. So on the one hand, I applaud his choice, but you better not screw it up. Dude, take it back.

Paul Kim
Yeah, so I can respect the bare feet thing. I hate wearing shoes as much as I love shopping for them. He sounds too low. Not good. Too bad because I like him. Song choice again? Lovin the 80s, though. Oh, Paul. Sorry, sweetie. I really did like you.

Chris Richardson
Please stop bopping up and down. I love his look, though. This is the most interesting performance of the night so far. Unique take on a good song. Too bad I can only see Bo singing this. His voice wasn't the best, but he was so energetic and interesting, I like him.

Nick Pedro
How can you forget the words to Buttercup? I know not everyone is a freakish lyrics savant like me (seriously, why? Why are the lyrics to so freaking many songs stuck in my head? Why can't my brain remember important stuff, like if I've eaten dinner yet?) Dude, is this Richard Marx? Um, I don't think this song was cool when it was new and I'm pretty sure it's not retro-cool either. Why am I overusing the word dude? Nick, that's a no from me, dude.

Beatbox Boy
OOh, yay, beatbox boy. Shoot, I missed his name. Not that I'd know it. Kind of subdued performance, but I think he might be the best of the night so far, so it makes sense that he'd have the least...embellishment so to speak. So his name's Blake. I'll try to remember.

One of my favorites from the auditions. But well, a little boring. I don't recognize the song, so maybe I'm just not connecting to it. I don't know. I love his smile, though.

Chris Sligh
The only guy whose first and last name I already knew. He's an unlikely Idol, but I'm so on his side. Now see, I don't recognize this song, but I like it. He's selling it. Not that he's had much competition (seriously boys, next week, bring it), but he's the best of the night at this point.

Is it wrong that I have a crush on Mac, of the Mac and PC commercials?

Jared Cotter
This dude could make me melt. I don't know about the singing, but he's got some kind of chick-melting quality about him. Did you see how long his fingers are? Actually, he's not a bad singer either.

AJ Tabaldo
Seems a little young for me. I think the young girlies could like him, but he doesn't do it for me. The song choice, the clothes, the performance, all comes off as very young to me. Does that make me old? Let me rephrase. That does NOT make me old. He's probably a good singer, but he's not for me.

Phil Stacey
I love this song. Oh, dude is working it. And well. Okay, new favorite. And hearing that the baby came early makes me somewhat forgive him. He's kind of weird looking, but easily the best voice of the night.

So to recap -
I like Chris Sligh, Chris Richardson, Jared Cotter, Phil Stacey
If I get to pick who goes home (is it two?) Sundance, Nick and Rudy. I don't care if it's two. I pick three.

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