Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two digi layouts

Made with the kit I shared yesterday.
Template by Sabrina's Creations (Clean and Simple No. 1). Playful word art by Jennifer Barrette Designs.

Template by Scooty's Designs. I love reading her blog because it's in French and I have a degree in French. Of course, I graduated from college...oh, my...let's not talk about how many years ago (more than ten, fewer than twenty) and haven't really used the language in that time at all. So it's fun to challenge my brain. And I can read it. I was always much better with the language on paper than spoken.

Anyhow, reading her blog makes me feel smart and like I didn't waste four years and thousands of dollars getting a degree I don't use (at least not specifically - I'm much better for my four years at college, even if I don't technically use the knowledge I gained there for a job).

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