Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear 2010...

I will forgive you for your inauspicious start, especially if at any time you want to change course and brighten up. I realize this is a long shot, but I'm open to it if you are. Thanks.

Yeah. Great start to my new year. I had my motivated moms list all printed out, put on my cleaning clothes yesterday (yoga pants indicate that I'm staying home and cleaning, jeans mean I might leave the house) and was ready to go. I had a tough time getting back into the school routine yesterday after two weeks off, but I was planning to get to it.

I picked up #3 from preschool and came home to a dripping ceiling. Nothing like a burst pipe in the middle of winter. So yesterday was spent in chaos with no water, no power (because we didn't know how wet the wires might have been) and absolutely nothing got done.

So now I'm on my second attempt at the Motivated Moms list. I'm making a much better showing today. I've checked several things off and I can see where this might keep me motivated throughout the year, not just this first week. My kitchen looks...well, better, since I only cleaned one counter, not the side counter yet. My bathroom is neat and tidy. Looking forward to tomorrow.

And a quick product review from Christmas. Santa brought my kids one of their most requested items - a Touch and Brush, so that our bathroom wouldn't get toothpaste all over it, just like in the commercial. Yeah, not so much. It might even be messier than before since the Touch and Brush has to go on the mirror and increases the area toothpaste can be spread across.

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  1. Great post! From one UN-Motivated-Mom to another, you have my support. :)