Monday, January 25, 2010

Another week in review...

Well, no burst pipes. That's something, right? Oh, but no, our brand F-ING new dishwasher has just decided to completely not function. As in not a single light comes on. Nothing. Called Maytag and had a repairman out the next day. The thermostat is blown and it fried the control board. The parts will be in later this week.

I have had this dishwasher for SIX WEEKS. The fact that a single thing has broken on it has me really annoyed. If these parts don't fix it, I'm going to be more than annoyed.

I had to chase down three Girl Scout parents to get them to turn in their cookie order. Two of them never did - they both said they'd wait until the second wave of cookies comes out. I can't WAIT for the deadline for money.

I'm designing templates in my own style for digital scrapbooking, just for my own personal use. I like clipping papers to the shape below them. I love to use templates, but most of them are too fussy for my tastes. I don't like embellishments in general, so that's how I'm making my templates. I'd post more of my layouts online, but I'm horrible about keeping track of what I've used and where it came from. I was worse when I paper-scrapped, because at least with digital, I can go to the files and figure it out if I really want to.

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  1. Oh what a trip we've both had with appliances, eh?! Unfortunately, I'm becoming an expert on researching good brands.