Wednesday, January 27, 2010


But maybe too simple? I can't decide. Maybe if I swapped out that red rectangle with a patterned paper, it would jazz it up enough to not be boring and still have the simplicity I'm embracing.

This pages results from a challenge from me to me. I always hem and haw over which pictures I want to scrap. I have lots I NEED to scrap, but I'm not married to scrapping chronologically or even all that evenly among my kids. I scrap what strikes me at any given Photoshop session. Sometimes, though, I want to scrap something, but I don't know what. So today I challenged myself to go to the oldest picture folder on my hard drive (which - since I got this computer in November - isn't that old) and scrap something from that folder.

Since my youngest doesn't even have a proper scrapbook yet with actual finished pages in it (my first ever digiscrap layout printing should arrive tomorrow), this ended up working perfectly.

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