Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lessons learned...

A list of lessons learned upon receipt of my first printed digital scrapbook pages:

  • Read the printing services FAQs. I used's value prints. Bargain, right? As I've learned before, you get what you pay for. The pages arrived this afternoon and all have a white border around the edge (which I was expecting, but it's still a bit wider than I thought it would be) and are basically color laser prints. For $.99 a page, I guess I shouldn't have been expecting more.
  • Just because text looks small on the computer screen, doesn't mean it's going to be tiny when printed 12x12 (although this might have been good if I'd gone with 8x8).
  • Printed pages really do make it all real. Just scrapping on the computer is a lot of fun (for me, at least. I know several people for whom it would be torture), but it's not a scrapbook until you can leaf through the pages.
So, in summary, I am not 100% satisfied with these pages, but I won't be going back and making the fonts smaller or even having them reprinted on nicer paper without borders (really, once I put them in page protectors, the border was hardly noticeable). But I will take these lessons with me for next time.

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