Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's Pet peeves...

  • Digital designers who label elements, papers and templates with generic names like e1 and template. Forces me to go in and rename everything if I actually want to know what it is. It's worst with templates, because I keep my kits together, so it's not a huge hassle. But I put all templates in folders by how many photos they have spaces for and if I buy twice from the same designer, I have to rename every single time.
  • Members of my household who know that the dishwasher is broken, know that I've bought a huge assortment of paper products to use when possible and still insist on using real dishes. This is all amplified by said members (funny, they're all male) not actually washing their dirty real dishes themselves. A lot could be forgiven with a little Dawn.
  • Milk that was purchased on Sunday already tasting nasty. And it didn't start today. No, it tasted nasty on Tuesday. That's not right.
  • Children who, when asked to pick up their toys, will a) literally only touch their own toys and only then if they were playing with them last and b) not get the toys that fell under the sofa (which is apparently a magnet for Barbie shoes).

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