Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tonight's Idol Theme: Make MamaChris feel old.

Were these people really born in these years? Why is that I keep getting older and they keep getting younger?

Ramiele "Alone" Bold choice. Hasn't worked for very many people in the past. She almost does it. But not quite.

Jason "Fragile" Nothing amazing, nothing new that I'd been hoping to see from him, but again not bad. Maybe a bit too safe.

Syesha "If I Were Your Woman" Her voice was absolutely beautiful. But what a freaking boring song.

Chikezie "If Only For One Night" The magic he found in the first week just isn't happening again. I loved that, but this R&B thing is not my style at all and I just don't like it. I love the country/rock thing from the two Beatles nights.

Brooke "Every Breath You Take" Interesting take on this song. It's like Carly Simon meets Sting. I've never liked the lyrics to this song, though, and I think when you slow it down and sing it so emotionally the lyrics are even worse. But I liked the performance in general.

Michael Johns "We Are the Champions" Queen again. Well, it worked before. It's not bringing anything new to the song, but really how can you mess with this song? Just sing it. And he does and it works. It's solid and confident.

Carly "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Kind of like a rocked out version of that song, which is a great song to start with. I liked what she did with it. That last note didn't fly. She just doesn't seem excited, but I think that's partly the nature of this song.

David A. "You're the Voice" Do I know this song? I don't recognize it yet. Man, he annoys me. Another song with a deep, smarmy message that just makes me want to kick him. It's just so very "Up with People." Okay, fine, he didn't sound bad.

Kristy Lee Cook "God Bless the U.S.A." Huh. I think this might be the best she's sounded recently. I'm sure Simon will have something snarky to say about the song choice - since it's country and has actual emotion attached to it. I'm shocked - I was totally wrong. He liked it. Maybe he's got my good mood tonight.

David C. "Billie Jean" I've been curious to see how this would work since I heard he was singing it earlier today. First I must qualify. I love him. He's my absolute, total favorite. I think Ryan said this is someone else's version of it, but it's freaking amazing. He sounds great and I love the arrangement. Yeah. He wins.

Bottom three tonight: I'm going with Chikezie, Ramiele, maybe, just maybe Jason Castro. No he's got a lot of girly fans. Maybe Syesha. We're getting to the point where everyone is good, so it's hard to say. No one really screwed up or anything tonight. I pick Chikezie to go home, though.

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