Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's see if I can pull off sneaky...

My dad's birthday is Thursday and after wandering through Target for an hour and ending up with only a birthday card (for him, at least, I still managed to spend $100), I was feeling a little desperate. I could get him a new polo shirt for his golf tournament next week, I suppose, or a new package of golf balls, but, well, everyone did that for him for Christmas and it hasn't been nice enough to golf enough to lose 3 boxes of golf balls (at least, I hope that's true for his sake - I think he's only been once or twice since Christmas).

So I went snooping on his profile. I found his wish list and cross-referenced Barnes & Noble's website. One of the books was in stock (and the best part is the sequel is being released just before Father's Day - built in secondary gift) and I could get in under three days with expedited shipping. So I ordered it. Now I have to cross my fingers that his name doesn't come up on the wish list in the next three days. And that my order actually arrives before his birthday.

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