Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm still feeling crazy...

I'm a bit of an odd cross between spontaneous, whatever's the opposite of spontaneous. I mean, I love to research something to death in advance, but then when it's time to make a decision I do it in five seconds. Probably, my brain's been working on the decision all that time, so it's not as snap a decision as it seems, but at first glance, it looks like I just suddenly decided on something.

Friday night, we went out shopping for a new office/desk chair. Our old one had broken and was listing dangerously to one side. We didn't find anything. So when we got home, I checked craigslist, just in case there was a cool office chair for a decent price on there. No office chairs, but I did find a microsuede sofa in very good condition in our town for a price we were comfortable with. I showed it to Tom as sort of a joke. Except he didn't know I was joking and said yes, let's buy it. So we did.

This is more of a statement about how much he hated our old sofa, which he is thrilled to be taking to the dump tomorrow. I think he'll do a dance of joy after he drops it in the big bin. It really was shot and, if I'm perfectly honest, was never comfortable to start with. The back pillows were too big and pushed the bottom cushions off. In our (okay, my) defense, it really was the most suitable piece of furniture we found at the time we were looking to buy a new sofa. Our retro/modern/clean simple lines style wasn't yet in style and most sofas were overstuffed frilly country numbers in chenille fabric. *shudder* So we took the best we could find and made it work.

I'm still shaking my head at our new sofa, both in wonder at our sponteneity and the deal we got (it's barely used at all for less than 1/3 of the retail). I think if I thought too much I could get grossed out at the idea of a used sofa, but if I didn't tell you it was used and you saw it for the first time, you'd never know. I'm not sure it was actually USED as much as place in the people's home for decoration.

And now we have a new, kid-friendly (since we only had a six-month-old when we bought the first one, we did not understand the necessity of this) sofa. And I need to paint this old color off our walls. It's that faux terracotta color that was so in when we bought the place (and half the reason we chose it over another beige house - I love color in my home). Now it just looks old and dated. But the walls continue all the way down our basement wall and upstairs to our entire upstairs hallway and very high staircase. So painting is going to be a monumental task. And I'm afraid of heights.

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