Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I think I'll take a moment to celebrate my age...

Several things on this topic. One: Blog name change may be coming (probably not until July, which is the end of being 30, which is good since it might take me that long to come up with something). Two: That Tim McGraw song that line comes from has been my anthem for the past few months. Three: Why not celebrate it? I feel like a lot of times I'm just trucking along without taking time to appreciate where I am in my life. So I'm creating the opportunity.

In honor of being thirty, THIRTY THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY:
1. Tom laughing at my jokes
2. everything my kids do
3. fall
4. pumpkin bread
5. making grand plans that may or may not ever happen
6. Notre Dame football
7. taking a great picture
8. learning something completely new
9. a good cup of coffee - nothing fancy. I don't do Starbucks or anything.
10. losing weight without trying
11. songs I know by heart
12. Excedrin
13. baking
14. fitting into my jeans
15. painting a room a new color
16. a quick walk on the treadmill
17. planting a garden
18. sugar cookies
19. good hair days
20. curling up with a good trashy novel
21. new episodes of my favorite tv shows
22. being organized (unfortunately, this isn't often)
23. planning a room design and seeing it carried out
24. finding the perfect gift for someone
25. my favorite song on the radio
26. my kids playing together
27. baby names
28. the color red
29. kittens
30. Knowing who I am and liking me (most of the time)

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