Friday, October 13, 2006

A case of the "I wants"...

Actually, two cases of the "I wants" - would probably be three cases if Baby S could say more than five words. We're starting to get catalogs and the commercials during kids shows have started getting more appealing or something, but we can't go an hour without hearing "I want that!" Mr. T brought me a catalog yesterday and literally pointed to everything on a two page spread and said "I want that and that and that and that and that..." Finally, I told him to look and want things all he wanted, and in a few weeks we'd go through it again and decide what he still wanted and maybe Santa could bring them. Fortunately, that sounded reasonable to him (although he asked if he could take the catalog when we go sit on Santa's lap), and he's curbed the "I wants." Miss G? Not so much. We can't walk through Target without the I want that and that and that and that litany. I've been relying on the "Why don't you tell Santa Claus that one?" for over a month now.

Want to hear how out of control it is? We just saw a commercial for a carseat that has some sort of carrying case. Mr. T and Miss G both: "I want that!" It's a carseat! You each have a carseat already. This has got to stop.

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